Diet and exercise, how does it fit in with writing a book?

Ok, Ill agree that writing a book is a pretty, well. sedentary adventure.  Theres not  alot of cardio going there at all.  So, for me personally when I embarked on writing a book I was pretty much out  of shape.  I had been going to the gym on the advise of my ID doctor at the VA but he said something that made me think.   He said that exercise is actually a very small part of losing weight.  I kinda figured if you burn calories then the weight comes off.  Not so said the doc.  Seems that what I was putting in my body was the reason I was gaining so much weight.   He also said age is a major factor as well. Oh…yea and smoking.  Smoing especially for those with a compromised immune system is the worst frucken thing you can do.  Worse than drinking or anything else.  It’s also a reason many people eat so much.  Seems its that oral fixation thing…even when your not hungry you may eat just because your bored.  So I said well Ill just stop eating so much.  He said not so fast.  As we get older everything slows down, metabolism, etc.. diag  Then the high blood pressure kicks in and diabetes and all kinds of other shit.  So naturally after being diagnosed with Aids and almost kickin the bucket I had to really regroup my shit quick.  Being diagnsoed with Aids was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  Theres nothing like being hooked up to IVs and seeing 6 doctors looking down at you shaing their heads to make you wish you could go back.  I remember I almost didnt make it….I was a real soon if the antibiotics wouldnt work.  I only know this because my better half was there in tears while I lay like a holocaust victim.   So 5 years later I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself and started writing which is when I got the autobiography gig working.  Once it was finished I was like ok what the fuck do I do now?  And thats when I started really watching the diet and exercise.  I found that the Low glycemic food are the best.  suff like all bran cereal, Fruits and juices   but only 1-2 a day…doesnt mean you should drink a quart of OJ in one sitting.  non starchy foods  asparagus, brocolli, cabbage,  cauliflower, mushrooms,peppers. okra…yuck!  spinach and onions and summer squash.  Nuts and oil…almondsm peanuts, sunflower seeds,pecans…lean red meat, skinless turkey, skim milk, yogurt etc.  So thats a low gylcemic food choice.  Supposed to be good for triglicerides and blood pressure.  My last bp was 110 over 70 from 140 over 100 3 months ago…all from diet and exercise.  So how does it fit in to writing a book?  Well, for one it makes you feel better, clears the brain fog out and gives me anyway a general sense of well being…like ok, so the sky hasnt fallen…I still woke up and wow I even made it to the gym and walked 5 miles and did some..not much weight trainging.. Then its back home and I start writing or editing….Usually I write like say a story or something…a rough draft…just get the basics down…then Ill walk may take a day to complete a chapter.  Then the next day when I feel up to it, Ill do some editing, flushing and adding to the chapter…reread it a few times then rewrite what looks like shit.  So thats what I do and Im sure the diet thing helps…Oh a one more thing…I recently went to the dentist…seems that I was brushing and doing everything wrong…the dentist said to brush in a circular motion with a soft bristle brush kinda like wax on wax off. For me with the parotid gland disorder they recommend Bioteen toothpaste…a mouth guard..Rite aid has em for 10 bucks……I grind at nite and that mouthwash called act…so brush floss then rinse and mouth guard at note.seems like a lot but its saving my teeth….ok…Ive said enough and now Im done for now…I hope you are enjoying thse crazy little posts I do….if you arent well…Im sorry…..and if you have a book or a great idea for a book drop me a line, I like hearing about new ideas….Dave

Thoughts of the day

Today I see the damage caused by the storm Sandy which really isnt too far away.  Im in North Carolina and its such a difference going to California and the by plane 8 hours later Im already back on the east coast.  Ive been sick for some time although I may not appear to be that bad in my picture.  I have struggled for some time dealing with the effects and usually am in need of some compassion is anything else.  I dont look at life the way I used to, Im not much into all the material junk anymore although I now its a necessity or a desire for many.  I have little but gained alot from writing my autobiography, “My life, a life story of a man infected”  I kinda layed it all on the line in the book, I guess some would think holy shit thats alot of shit you went through.   But then I know people all go through shit.  I talked to a lady today when getting gas.  She said  you know…your the only one who comes in gets gas and doesnt bitch and moan or complain.  She knows I got sick but nevertheless is very compassionate.   I told hher I write to help and her eyes lite up.  She then said she had been writing a book for 3 years but since she was hispanic she said she never learned to type on a computer.  So I told her about some tricks I learned to publish without spending money and that her daughter could help her.  So, maybe I helped someone today..I dont know but it fet like I might of…I just wish people could see what they have before something happens bad to them like getting sick or a car wreck or being homeless or whatever.  When you go through things like that its the only time you stop and realize you should be thankful to just wake up.

Book Sales and Need Help

Ok, so many of you may not know me, Iam a fairly new guy when it comes to writing books.  I really like doing it but then the whole how to sell thing has got me beat.  Im not sure where to begin.  I have a so who is ten and his school always has book sales and the books they sell are books I think from flea markets or donations.  Id be happy if someone would just buy my book “The Sunshine Murders” which I spent so much time and effort on.  I know it sounds funny, in the past I would of never considered selling books…I used to be a construction worker who paid as much attention to books outside of electricial school as most people who are blue collar workers.  Now that I became disabled I find myself checking audible to see if Ive made any sales everyday.  Dont get me wrong I do make a few but not what Id expect.  I dont think the book is getting enough publicity to be honest.  Ive priced it very cheap…well 1.99 but for the amount of hours I put into it I think its worth much more.  In the end i did manage to write it though and thats all that matters.  Its a cool book written by a disabled guy….me!  I never thought Id become disabled….honestly//but it happened.  So anyhoo if you want to read a cool book and support me in my efforts, maybe considering buying my book on Audible or Kindle….if you do drop me a line and Ill thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It’s a good book, funny, quirky and exciting.  Thanx for reading  Dave

New Authors and where to start?

I am a new authors I guess they would say.  I started writing when I stopped working for….the man.  Haha.  Seems its all  I ever knew in mhen dy life prior to writin.  While I am by no means getting rich off my writing, my book :The Sunshine Murders has made me h0peful that maybe just maybe I have a little talent left.  I suffered some congnitive damage due to meningitis and unfortunately due to some horrible decisions in the mid 90’s I contracted the HIV virus.  I know what it sounds like and I know what people think.  That HIV is something most people are asking for.  In my case I wound up with the wrong woman and although I dont blame her for my illness.  I do think I could of been more careful…so I blame myself entirely.  I never got tested, I just kept going…working and eventually buying a house and have a child with my present wife.  The in 2005 it all crashed down.  I ended up hospitalized after spending 6 months sweating and losing weight and energy.  Finally my last thoughts or recollections before being hospitalized was being rushed into an ambulance after collapsing in my house.  For 2 days it was sketchy to say the least.   The docs told my wife I had 2 days to live if they didnt get me on something.  They also told her I had a 50/50 chance of survival.  So, after 3 weeks on the 9th floor of UNC hospital in Chapel Hill NC and 3 blood transfusions and spina taps and all kinds of weird stuff I survived.  Fast forward a few years and Ive regained alot of my health but my cognitive problems exist.  So I started writing.  And I wrote and wrote and eventually I was making money writing articles.Then I started thinking it wasn’t worth it.  I was barely surviving on 100o bucks a month on disability and I ended up in therapy at the VA hospital.  At one time they had me held over night to see what was really happening with me.  I then realized I had a new classification, I was a disabled veteran who happened to also have Aids.  Depressing huh?  Well it didn’t suprise me though, my life has been crazy.  I was a Marine but also an electrician and when I lost all of that and had the illness I fell into despair and just wanted to die.  I had one thing holding me on to my sanity.  That was my son and wife.  So thats when i started writing my autobiography.  I used Createspace which is a great platform for new writers.  Best of all its free.  So in about a year I had a book and had it published.  I think its a great place to start if you want to write a book.  I also think that anyone, anywhere can do this if they put their heart and soul into it.  So if you need some tips I can help.  My book “The Sunshine Murders” is a fast paced trilogy of murder and mayhem on Californias southern beaches.  It was fun to write and I published this in the last couple weekson Audible .  So far on Audible alone its sold 6 copies so at least I wasnt skunked.  My point of all this rambling is that anyone can do anyting they set their mind too.

Writing as therapy

Hiya, I began writing as a form of therapy but Ive also learned that this too can become impulsive like anything, vacumning, reading, drinking…whatever.  So when I stopped writing as therapy and actually started writing as a way to tell a story, something in me became unblocked and my mind started travelling, exploring new worlds that most people dont visit. my illness taught me a few things, that your mind can do wonders, it can create stories and worlds most people never have the opportunity to envision.  I like many was caught up in work, its all I did….work and sweat and go round and round.  Now that I write I may have gotten a bot stranger but Ive also learned something about my creative side.  I am a person with choices and although it may seem weird once I gave up the desire to hold ont things that were material, a whole new world opened up.. I see people going about their day…worried about a scratch on their car, the noisy neighbors, everything…then I realized that I was infact e person who transended beyond all of that….beyondd the material world and into a world of being creative…it may sound strange but I have had nice things, fast Camaro, 50,000 in my pocket at one time and it didnt make me happy or anything…it made me sad in fact to realize that people work their whole life to get to that point and to see that its an illusion…money does not buy happiness and it never will.   Thats just a small take on things but now it sure makes sense.  My writing of books although for sale were never intended to become a marketplace item.  I was doing it for my health and well being.  When I did put them up for sale, I was suprised at the positive feedback…Its much better than having someone give me 100,000 for nothing…

Hi, welcome to my Author Page

Hi, welcome to my Author Page.

Thanx for checking out my author page.  I truly appreciate it.  Yesterday I posted this blog because i finally had “”all my ducks in a row” concerning my book “The Sunshine Murders”  I had a nice lady create the cover for me and her work is exceptional.  To my suprise yesterday the book had 5 sales on  I was more than pleased and Luke Smith the narrator is just as happy.  It may seem small to some but for me this was a huge undertaking since becoming deathly ill a few years ago. I will never gain my full cognitive skills back but thats ok.  Im here today and its all that matters.  10 years ago I had a great job as a commerical electrician and had a home in California and was making a good living.  2 years after my son was born I became ill after driving across country to North Carolina where I was a US Marine back in the 1980’s.  I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and endured some pretty hellish procedures including 2 spinal taps, 3 blood transfusions and oh…the hospital food…haha….In the end I lost almost everything, house, career, you name it.  But Ive had and lost as we all do and in the end Ive honestly come to the conclusions that none of the stuff is really worth anything anyway…we cant take it with us.  Ive met homeless people in San Diego where I grew up who have nothing but are still thankful they are alive.  Ive been homeless before, a few times and Ive learned that the man or woman upstairs only allows us to endure so much..after that we are take from this earth and given eternity to rest.  I figure my place now is to write and maybe inspire others who question their worth.  Im not rich, in fact Im a poor bastard but I have the opportunity to watch my little guy whos ten now grow into a young man.   If anything I hope this blog can maybe help someone who is down, depressed or dealing with a chronic illness.  Dont give up…dont lay down under the blankets, do something however small and you will see the light…like I did by writing my book “The Sunshine Murders”  Its just my way or challenging myself.  Drop me a line or comment if you want….I love to meet  positive people….for anyone interested the link to the audible book is located here.