Hi, welcome to my Author Page

Hi, welcome to my Author Page.

Thanx for checking out my author page.  I truly appreciate it.  Yesterday I posted this blog because i finally had “”all my ducks in a row” concerning my book “The Sunshine Murders”  I had a nice lady create the cover for me and her work is exceptional.  To my suprise yesterday the book had 5 sales on Audible.com..  I was more than pleased and Luke Smith the narrator is just as happy.  It may seem small to some but for me this was a huge undertaking since becoming deathly ill a few years ago. I will never gain my full cognitive skills back but thats ok.  Im here today and its all that matters.  10 years ago I had a great job as a commerical electrician and had a home in California and was making a good living.  2 years after my son was born I became ill after driving across country to North Carolina where I was a US Marine back in the 1980’s.  I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and endured some pretty hellish procedures including 2 spinal taps, 3 blood transfusions and oh…the hospital food…haha….In the end I lost almost everything, house, career, you name it.  But Ive had and lost as we all do and in the end Ive honestly come to the conclusions that none of the stuff is really worth anything anyway…we cant take it with us.  Ive met homeless people in San Diego where I grew up who have nothing but are still thankful they are alive.  Ive been homeless before, a few times and Ive learned that the man or woman upstairs only allows us to endure so much..after that we are take from this earth and given eternity to rest.  I figure my place now is to write and maybe inspire others who question their worth.  Im not rich, in fact Im a poor bastard but I have the opportunity to watch my little guy whos ten now grow into a young man.   If anything I hope this blog can maybe help someone who is down, depressed or dealing with a chronic illness.  Dont give up…dont lay down under the blankets, do something however small and you will see the light…like I did by writing my book “The Sunshine Murders”  Its just my way or challenging myself.  Drop me a line or comment if you want….I love to meet  positive people….for anyone interested the link to the audible book is located here.   http://www.audible.com/pd/ref=sr_1_1?asin=B009RU5L1C&qid=1351089130&sr=1-1


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