Writing as therapy

Hiya, I began writing as a form of therapy but Ive also learned that this too can become impulsive like anything, vacumning, reading, drinking…whatever.  So when I stopped writing as therapy and actually started writing as a way to tell a story, something in me became unblocked and my mind started travelling, exploring new worlds that most people dont visit. my illness taught me a few things, that your mind can do wonders, it can create stories and worlds most people never have the opportunity to envision.  I like many was caught up in work, its all I did….work and sweat and go round and round.  Now that I write I may have gotten a bot stranger but Ive also learned something about my creative side.  I am a person with choices and although it may seem weird once I gave up the desire to hold ont things that were material, a whole new world opened up.. I see people going about their day…worried about a scratch on their car, the noisy neighbors, everything…then I realized that I was infact e person who transended beyond all of that….beyondd the material world and into a world of being creative…it may sound strange but I have had nice things, fast Camaro, 50,000 in my pocket at one time and it didnt make me happy or anything…it made me sad in fact to realize that people work their whole life to get to that point and to see that its an illusion…money does not buy happiness and it never will.   Thats just a small take on things but now it sure makes sense.  My writing of books although for sale were never intended to become a marketplace item.  I was doing it for my health and well being.  When I did put them up for sale, I was suprised at the positive feedback…Its much better than having someone give me 100,000 for nothing…


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