New Authors and where to start?

I am a new authors I guess they would say.  I started writing when I stopped working for….the man.  Haha.  Seems its all  I ever knew in mhen dy life prior to writin.  While I am by no means getting rich off my writing, my book :The Sunshine Murders has made me h0peful that maybe just maybe I have a little talent left.  I suffered some congnitive damage due to meningitis and unfortunately due to some horrible decisions in the mid 90’s I contracted the HIV virus.  I know what it sounds like and I know what people think.  That HIV is something most people are asking for.  In my case I wound up with the wrong woman and although I dont blame her for my illness.  I do think I could of been more careful…so I blame myself entirely.  I never got tested, I just kept going…working and eventually buying a house and have a child with my present wife.  The in 2005 it all crashed down.  I ended up hospitalized after spending 6 months sweating and losing weight and energy.  Finally my last thoughts or recollections before being hospitalized was being rushed into an ambulance after collapsing in my house.  For 2 days it was sketchy to say the least.   The docs told my wife I had 2 days to live if they didnt get me on something.  They also told her I had a 50/50 chance of survival.  So, after 3 weeks on the 9th floor of UNC hospital in Chapel Hill NC and 3 blood transfusions and spina taps and all kinds of weird stuff I survived.  Fast forward a few years and Ive regained alot of my health but my cognitive problems exist.  So I started writing.  And I wrote and wrote and eventually I was making money writing articles.Then I started thinking it wasn’t worth it.  I was barely surviving on 100o bucks a month on disability and I ended up in therapy at the VA hospital.  At one time they had me held over night to see what was really happening with me.  I then realized I had a new classification, I was a disabled veteran who happened to also have Aids.  Depressing huh?  Well it didn’t suprise me though, my life has been crazy.  I was a Marine but also an electrician and when I lost all of that and had the illness I fell into despair and just wanted to die.  I had one thing holding me on to my sanity.  That was my son and wife.  So thats when i started writing my autobiography.  I used Createspace which is a great platform for new writers.  Best of all its free.  So in about a year I had a book and had it published.  I think its a great place to start if you want to write a book.  I also think that anyone, anywhere can do this if they put their heart and soul into it.  So if you need some tips I can help.  My book “The Sunshine Murders” is a fast paced trilogy of murder and mayhem on Californias southern beaches.  It was fun to write and I published this in the last couple weekson Audible .  So far on Audible alone its sold 6 copies so at least I wasnt skunked.  My point of all this rambling is that anyone can do anyting they set their mind too.


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