Book Sales and Need Help

Ok, so many of you may not know me, Iam a fairly new guy when it comes to writing books.  I really like doing it but then the whole how to sell thing has got me beat.  Im not sure where to begin.  I have a so who is ten and his school always has book sales and the books they sell are books I think from flea markets or donations.  Id be happy if someone would just buy my book “The Sunshine Murders” which I spent so much time and effort on.  I know it sounds funny, in the past I would of never considered selling books…I used to be a construction worker who paid as much attention to books outside of electricial school as most people who are blue collar workers.  Now that I became disabled I find myself checking audible to see if Ive made any sales everyday.  Dont get me wrong I do make a few but not what Id expect.  I dont think the book is getting enough publicity to be honest.  Ive priced it very cheap…well 1.99 but for the amount of hours I put into it I think its worth much more.  In the end i did manage to write it though and thats all that matters.  Its a cool book written by a disabled guy….me!  I never thought Id become disabled….honestly//but it happened.  So anyhoo if you want to read a cool book and support me in my efforts, maybe considering buying my book on Audible or Kindle….if you do drop me a line and Ill thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It’s a good book, funny, quirky and exciting.  Thanx for reading  Dave


4 thoughts on “Book Sales and Need Help

  1. I can relate to your frustration I’m in the same boat. Im a newbie too trying to market like a crazy lady and seeing sloooow results. Stay positive and keep writing. Perseverance is key. I’m looking forward to following you on your journey!

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