Thoughts of the day

Today I see the damage caused by the storm Sandy which really isnt too far away.  Im in North Carolina and its such a difference going to California and the by plane 8 hours later Im already back on the east coast.  Ive been sick for some time although I may not appear to be that bad in my picture.  I have struggled for some time dealing with the effects and usually am in need of some compassion is anything else.  I dont look at life the way I used to, Im not much into all the material junk anymore although I now its a necessity or a desire for many.  I have little but gained alot from writing my autobiography, “My life, a life story of a man infected”  I kinda layed it all on the line in the book, I guess some would think holy shit thats alot of shit you went through.   But then I know people all go through shit.  I talked to a lady today when getting gas.  She said  you know…your the only one who comes in gets gas and doesnt bitch and moan or complain.  She knows I got sick but nevertheless is very compassionate.   I told hher I write to help and her eyes lite up.  She then said she had been writing a book for 3 years but since she was hispanic she said she never learned to type on a computer.  So I told her about some tricks I learned to publish without spending money and that her daughter could help her.  So, maybe I helped someone today..I dont know but it fet like I might of…I just wish people could see what they have before something happens bad to them like getting sick or a car wreck or being homeless or whatever.  When you go through things like that its the only time you stop and realize you should be thankful to just wake up.


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