Diet and exercise, how does it fit in with writing a book?

Ok, Ill agree that writing a book is a pretty, well. sedentary adventure.  Theres not  alot of cardio going there at all.  So, for me personally when I embarked on writing a book I was pretty much out  of shape.  I had been going to the gym on the advise of my ID doctor at the VA but he said something that made me think.   He said that exercise is actually a very small part of losing weight.  I kinda figured if you burn calories then the weight comes off.  Not so said the doc.  Seems that what I was putting in my body was the reason I was gaining so much weight.   He also said age is a major factor as well. Oh…yea and smoking.  Smoing especially for those with a compromised immune system is the worst frucken thing you can do.  Worse than drinking or anything else.  It’s also a reason many people eat so much.  Seems its that oral fixation thing…even when your not hungry you may eat just because your bored.  So I said well Ill just stop eating so much.  He said not so fast.  As we get older everything slows down, metabolism, etc.. diag  Then the high blood pressure kicks in and diabetes and all kinds of other shit.  So naturally after being diagnosed with Aids and almost kickin the bucket I had to really regroup my shit quick.  Being diagnsoed with Aids was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  Theres nothing like being hooked up to IVs and seeing 6 doctors looking down at you shaing their heads to make you wish you could go back.  I remember I almost didnt make it….I was a real soon if the antibiotics wouldnt work.  I only know this because my better half was there in tears while I lay like a holocaust victim.   So 5 years later I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself and started writing which is when I got the autobiography gig working.  Once it was finished I was like ok what the fuck do I do now?  And thats when I started really watching the diet and exercise.  I found that the Low glycemic food are the best.  suff like all bran cereal, Fruits and juices   but only 1-2 a day…doesnt mean you should drink a quart of OJ in one sitting.  non starchy foods  asparagus, brocolli, cabbage,  cauliflower, mushrooms,peppers. okra…yuck!  spinach and onions and summer squash.  Nuts and oil…almondsm peanuts, sunflower seeds,pecans…lean red meat, skinless turkey, skim milk, yogurt etc.  So thats a low gylcemic food choice.  Supposed to be good for triglicerides and blood pressure.  My last bp was 110 over 70 from 140 over 100 3 months ago…all from diet and exercise.  So how does it fit in to writing a book?  Well, for one it makes you feel better, clears the brain fog out and gives me anyway a general sense of well being…like ok, so the sky hasnt fallen…I still woke up and wow I even made it to the gym and walked 5 miles and did some..not much weight trainging.. Then its back home and I start writing or editing….Usually I write like say a story or something…a rough draft…just get the basics down…then Ill walk may take a day to complete a chapter.  Then the next day when I feel up to it, Ill do some editing, flushing and adding to the chapter…reread it a few times then rewrite what looks like shit.  So thats what I do and Im sure the diet thing helps…Oh a one more thing…I recently went to the dentist…seems that I was brushing and doing everything wrong…the dentist said to brush in a circular motion with a soft bristle brush kinda like wax on wax off. For me with the parotid gland disorder they recommend Bioteen toothpaste…a mouth guard..Rite aid has em for 10 bucks……I grind at nite and that mouthwash called act…so brush floss then rinse and mouth guard at note.seems like a lot but its saving my teeth….ok…Ive said enough and now Im done for now…I hope you are enjoying thse crazy little posts I do….if you arent well…Im sorry…..and if you have a book or a great idea for a book drop me a line, I like hearing about new ideas….Dave


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