Veterans and disability

I am a US Marine Corps Veteran and served in the corps from 1981 to 1985.  Back then I remember I kept my mouth shut and did my job. I was a postal worker and worked for 2 years overseas in Yokohama Japan as a worker at the Fleet Mail Center.  I remember spending hours at night offloading mail trucks that brought servicemen and woman’s mail from the United States.  The work was brutal, the trucks were 52 feet and stacked to the ceiling with 70 lb canvas bags full of mail.  Once I finished my cammie uniform was dusty, stunk and ripped many times while offloading the trucks.  After two years I went to Camp Lejeune NC and worked another 2 years as a postal worker in one of the Unit post offices .  I would sort mail, pick up from mailboxes on base and whatever else they told me to do.  In my spare time i would surf.  Last year I found that the water on the base had been contaminated back then with  chemicals  trichloroethylene (TCE), tetrachloroethylene (PCE), vinyl chloride (VC) and benzene.  These chemicals are used for metal cleaning and the making of plastic things  I guess.  Apparently they had leaked into the water supply and had been in the water supply since the 1960’s. So, needless to say I guess its not suprising I had so many problems concentrating after my time at lejeune.  I never knew until now.  It makes me sad to think they can cover things like this up in the name of profit and privacy.  I dont blame that for everything thats happened to me but its a nail in the coffin I suppose.    I hope all the others who have been affected can get help.  Im the middle guy on the bottom row.Image













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