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Today is election day and although I registered to vote.  i dont see a reason to cast one this year.  I honestly dont really believe in any of the above.   I have seen the damage done from this administration not only in my life but friends in California.  Seems that people who were once doing w ell in the trades are now resorting to selling drugs or other ways to make a buck.  Ill gotten gains but from what the say….hey it pays the bills.  So I think the moral ethics and hard work has been replaced by a more sinsiter thinking that is basically get what ever I can get.  No more thinking of work hard and Ill be rewarded.  It doesnt work that way anymore.  I see my own house I sold in California for 230,000 in 2004 just sold again for 80,000.  So yea it tells me the economy sucks everywhere.  People are looking for alternative means I guess.  I know that personally I dont believe that hard work in fact pays off.  It used to, dont get me wrong, but that was years ago. Now I see people looking for disability or welfare and we are getting to that point of entitlement attitudes.  I do see alot of hispanics still working but then they come from nothing and can appreciate whats in front of them.  Still, a whole sector of people have lost out big time….I read people are killing themselves because they lose their homes.  Im not sure this really is the America I proudly served as a US Marine for.  So maybe Ive just begun to give in too…I mean Im only one person, Im no god and Im living on borrowed time.  So thats why I write all the time, and maybe someone who can apprecuiate simple things can relate.  I just try and survive anymore……Im poor there no question about it but then I dont know alot of rich people with HIV.  I think for us everyday is a panic mode, mostly because we are talking about immune system issues……Its weird,,most people feel the cold when they go outside and its below freezing….I dont feel it anymore because my body has basically lost alot of sensation receptors…  so its weord.  But Im alive, just not doing that well physically.  Im in a rut I guess but dont really know what else to do but try and survive.  Maybe someday…things will change but I dont hold my breath anymore….I Imagealso hope people who have lost their homes from the storm can rebuild or at least find some solace.


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