Update On The Sunshine Murders

Ok, so Im figuring out a little abut marketing a book.  No alot but Im learning.  My book …well the paperback edition is doing much much better and I am actually making sales. I did a word count on the whole thing and its 20 something thousand words total.  Which is not huge but considering this book is a series of short stories I guess it’s fine. The paperback I priced pretty low…4.99 so that’s probably why is selling well.   I figured I would just sell cheap because…well,




I honestly dont think people are really too concerned about buying a book from some disabled dude.  So anyway that;s whats going on with the book.. I also changed the Kindle book and added pictures to each chapter.   So it has pictures related to crime scenes and stuff just to help the reader get a visual.  Plus it was fun to add them, just took a while.  My other book the autobiography My life,  a life story of a man infected is actually selling better on Audible.com..like I said though Im not getting rich on these…I mean the royalty for a 4.99 book after sending it is uh….84 cents… enough for a cheap cup of coffee…almost….lol….So thats the latest.  Yesterday was hard for me as is most days dealing wth effects of Aids but at leaast Im trying.  this morning I waked 3 miles on the treadmill at Hall of Fitness in Durham NC.  Its a pretty old school gym….not alot of new stuff but the people are friendly and the treadmills work…even if they are from the 80s.  Dave   http://www.amazon.com/Sunshine-Murders-Trilogy-California-Southern/dp/1480153214


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