Interview on the Authors show

”  Im not Today I have an interview on “The Authors Show” although Im not sure when the interview will air.   This show is for new authors looking to market their books. I guess its supposed to be the biggest or most popular Author radio internet broadcast i the country,  So Ill be talking about my book “My life, a life story of a man infected.”  This book is an autobiography I wrote after being diagnosed with Aids and my hospitalization… The book is also on Amazon and Kindle Itunes and  I like the Audible version and think the narrator did a great job.  Im not really expecting alot of publicity but maybe it will reach some people.   If you havent checked out the Authors Show, it really is pretty cool.  Ive been listening to alot of the interviews with Authors and I have to admit its really interesting.  All this writing has also caused me to see things well….differently…Yesterday I went to an antique tore and just browsed around. It was a way of getting out of my head and keeping me in the moment, so to speak.  I also went to a museum the other day which was really cool.   So Im ok, just living with Aids and wondering what is the point if your not working or driving towards some crazy goal.  I went through a time where I was looking at getting back in school and realized I was just another number being targeted by the school.  So I stopped trying that and had to look in the mirror.  What did I want, what do I want?  I dont know, its not money, Ive had it.   I remember having 50 thousand bucks in my pocket…well my bank and still feeling totally numb.  I had a nice fast Camaro and all I wanted to do was drive.  So I drove…3000 miles accross country.  I got pulled over in Oklahoma for going 74 in a 70 and they got the dogs on my car.  They said they see alot of these “fast cars trying to run the county and state lines.  I was kinda dumbstruck…I was moving accross country and all I really had was stuff like pots and pans and clothes in my car…hah..soo he checked the car and let me go…he apologized and said I hope you understand, we have a lot of drug runners coming through here,  So yea once I got sick I stopped caring about stuff, material jun and just started writing..weird but its what I did.  So  today is my interview with The Authors Show….Im excited, a bit nervous but ya know, if I never started writing the book, I would never would have had the opportunity.Image


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