Interview on The Authors Show udate

So yesterday was my big interview on the Authors Show with Don Mccauley, the host.  At first I was kinda nervous….but as soon as I started talking to him about the interview and stuff….I calmed down.  He was talking about soundbites and how that when you talk people can pick up certain things and that in his 12-15 years of doing this he said those who act calm and I guess matter of fact about stuff when they talk seem to do best.  He said you have to have an interesting story too.  So anyhoos, I just talked about the book My life, a life story of a man infected” and basically talked about stuff that was in the book.  So the whole thing took about 20 minutes and at the end he said I did really well.  So I think this show gets millions of viewers each day who listen to the show.  so who freakin’ knows what’ll happen with the book.  Could flop but whatever, it was the experience that mattered.  I’m just glad I did it.  So if you are an up and coming author check out The Authors Show and consider putting in an application.  You’ll be glad you did!  DaveImage


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