Books, Blogs, Articles and Purposes

When I first started writing blogs and stuff I really wasn’t too concerned about how it all came out.  I was more concerned about whether or not my mind could keep up with what I was writing and trying to say.  I have a problem with me trying to put something down on paper but my mind couldn’t really keep up so I ended up with something that didn’t really make sense.  Kinda like the news that has that ten second delay on their reports.  So, finally I became a bit better and I started the whole gig writing thing.  I figured hell its better than nothing.  Then I started actually remembering things like my old jobs that really went nowhere.

Marine days

Dave 1983 Yokohama Japan..Bottom row middle

I mean Ive been a US Marine, a Navy reservist, a tow truck driver, a loader for Schwanns, and an electrician.  Buy every one of them lead nowhere really.  I mean they were jobs but they never made me happy, they just filled the time.   Then when I got sick and started writing I started meeting people that were so creative and interesting.  I started selling on Etsy my little watercolor paintings and found that I did have an artsy fartsy side to me.  For a guy that people always expected to man up and just get er done, I guess I said in my head….awww fuck you man.  I aint doing this shit no more, so take your job and shove it.  But yea I cant really do it anymore but thats cool too. I think the writing and meeting other authors is way more cool.  For me anyway.  My favorite new up and coming author Ive met has to be Casey Voight. (Sp)  I mean here is a girl that is pretty, smart and soo talented. At first I saw a pretty face and then I started looking at her website and accomplishments and just was like, wow I’m completely floored.  Her talents go beyond just being an author.  Thi s is a person I can tell will go far with some time and patience on her part.  So, for me I just continue writing and editing stuff and adding more to what I have already.  I like participating in the author forums, not that there is some rainbow in the sky for all of us but its just such an amazing journey.  Then I go back to thinking what my purpose is and I think its just being happy with what I got left.  Today I am a caretaker for a son with cold, tomorrow who knows.   I know that alot of what Ive been through is just stuff.  The problem is it tends to build up and then you have to just let it go.  All of it.   Writing gives me that chance to do it.

Poetry Book

Poems Book


Painting of Barns


7 thoughts on “Books, Blogs, Articles and Purposes

  1. Dave, that was such a heartfelt post. Thank you so much for your kind words and support, you made my day. I’m so glad you found your happiness in writing; there are so many people that never find that. It’s easy to see that your art and your writing is from the heart and true to who you are, and that is inspiring.
    Casey from

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