Writing for Profit?

So, Iv’e seen the stats on new authors and how many actually make it as far as becoming successful in their writing.   It really isn’t good.   Not at all.   Then I started pondering and asking myself, why do people write books.  Well, when I had the interview with Dona Mccauley on the Authors he gave me some insight as to what a new author’s mindset really is.   He said that some authors are not prepared and they kind of bumble through the interview. I would think if you have an opportunity to share your work with millions of people you would be totally stoked and ready to talk about it.  But, like anything I am sure a lot of people see this as a way to make money.  I don’t think it is.  I think that writing, for me anyway is a way of expressing yourself and if you do it honestly, regardless of the outcome, you have written a masterpiece.  I am not one of those types of people who write just so I can make a sale. I write because it helps with my issues from my illness.  But if I were I think I would be able to write a pretty good book.  Ive read about proper sentence structure and how a book should flow.  You cant just string sentences together with no rhyme or reason and actually expect to produce a cool book.  I hear a lot of people try and use SEO phrases  in their title just so their books come up higher in Google.   So yeah Im no idiot, I know that what’s on some  peoples mind is…well money.   And its not going to change anytime soon.  So this made me a little bummed because when I actually published and started reading forums on Kindle and on other sites, it seemed everyone who wrote was looking for one thing…the big payout.  I even saw a person who wrote a 3 page book wonder why they werent making sales and was blaming it on the Kindle Publishing program.  I mean that’s insane.  So I am sure that’s why most don’t fare well in the publishing world.  It was the same when I was working as an electrician.  Laborers would come on the job and the tradesmen would pay them no mind.  Like hey ya bum, pick up my pipe cuttings, ya lowly laborer.  I was guilty myself because when you learn something like installing electrical stuff you get a big head.  Thats when accidents happen and people get killed on the job.  Writing a book seems to be the same thing.  You can’t just throw crap together and expect it to fly.  I dont expect mine to but at least it gives me an idea where I stand. A couple years after I got sick asking myself ..shit maybe I need to go into hospice care. Maybe I should just get someone to buy me some poison online and then I could drink  it down and just go to sleep…Im sure I would after convulsing and throwing up and flailing about.  But I think god doesnt want me to do that…otherwise he would of taken me when I was hospitalized.  A poor girl that was 2

4 years old was in the room next to me.  Same diagnosis and the same chance of survival.  She didn’t make it and died while I was in the room next to her hooked up to all kinds of shit.  So, maybe it takes an experience like that to actually appreciate life and realize that life really isnt about the all mighty buck.  It’s about compassion, understanding and empathy.   The problem is people don’t develop these traits for others until something actually happens to them.  So, maybe I am just here to write, share my stories and maybe help someone else .  Who knows.  All I know is I write because it helps me a little….

Author at 49

author at 49


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