Art and and writing. Whats the deal?

Art and and writing. Whats the deal?

Pencil drawing of NC Barn.

So, I am no big to do artist.  In fact I think I kinda suck but I started drawing art because It was like my brain was stuck in this mindset and I couldnt get out of it.  Like the lights on but nobody is home.   It didnt make sense to me so while I was writing and researching for articles that I wrote for people I came across this picture of a barn in the mountains of North Carolina.  The deal here is you have to look past all the nonsense and trivial crap to understand and appreciate the beauty of this place.  the mountains are beautiful and there are so many trails and old wooden barns from the 1800s.  So thats what this amateur picture is.  An old barn.  It looked so alone with the old dead trees next to it and the boarded up windows that I just had to try and freehand it.  I didnt trace it, just looked at it and basically copied it.  So this is what that is.  I have been taking a break from writing a bit.  I guess Im tired of editing and Ive been doing alot of article writing for people on  Some of the request are pretty out there I have to admit.  Eventually if I get healthy enough I would like to take some art classes.  I like the watercolors and Oil paintings.  I guess when you get to this point in life its cool…ya know…the little stuff.  My book The Sunshine Murders is making a few sales but to be honest its really just a learning experience for me.  It was much more fun writing it.


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