How ya doin? Still suckin air.

So Imageyea it get real cold here in North Carolina, well for me anyway cause Im used to hanging in a warmer climate but the warmer climate tends to bring out some shady characters where Im from.  so maybe thats why I moved here.  Im not sure….I do know if I hadnt moved here I would of died out in Hemet California because I am so stubborn I wouldnt of seen the doctor until it was too late and they would of had to flown me somewhere like Los Angeles to see an immune system doc or whoever deals with stuff like meningitis and HIV.  So since I moved here I guess it was a blessing in disguise.  Not the best situation but considering that I was pretty much toe tagged when I went in I guess Im fortunate to be here six years later.  My book sales an the autobiography are increasing a little, Im thinkng people may be reading these stories at the holiday season becuase its that time of the year when people try and be appreciative.  Who knows, Im a ex alter boy from the 70’s who grew up in a family of athiest.  The privated catholic school I went to was mostly for discipline.  I used to love getting kicked by the nuns on the playground and get slapped with a ruler on the wrists for being a clown in class.  JK.It wasnt that much fun.. So now as I look back on life I am sure there is some link to all of that and my present state of dissaray.  But at least I tried.  I worked hard and got out of a rut, and although I had to lose alot I havent resorted to crime or growing weed in a bedroom to sell to whoever and whatever.  I stuck it out and suffered like a good little Dave.  But Ive met people who have helped me along the road, here there and everywhere.  They have praised me for my work, maybe not so much for my writing Talent but for surviving such a horrendous upbringing and then actually going on to be a productive member of society.  I got sick but I wont let it destroy me.  And it hasnt, I feel I have won because the people Ive met have told me so.   Its not about all the shit I have or dont, its not about having money.  It’s about that little boy in the picture in front of my old SUV running to get out of the snow.  My son.


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