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HIV Bracelet

Red HIV Bracelet

Ok, so I know I originally started this blog to share my book My life a Life Story Of a Man Infected.  That was the intention and I’m surprised at the feedback and I am grateful  I also  figure I may as well call this a rant blog too.  One of the things I never expected once I began my journey with HIV is the unbelievable emotion that comes with it.  Im not sure if its the meds, the HIV, maybe the lack of testosterone..that’s what Im thinkin…lack of testosterone.  So although Im still a guy through and through and a straight guy Im feeling that I can relate to women so much better.  Maybe its because Im not longer the “Get er done!” type of guy I used to be.  Thats ok Im cool with that.  I also recently connected with a girlfriend from way back in the mid eighties.   I was completely in love with her…I mean I fell hard.  So, when we started talking the cat fell out of the bag and she found out I was positive.  At first she freaked….I can understand that.  Then after she calmed down I think she finally started to understand me and that I had well….grown up.  So I have to admit my trip down memory lane with her was another emotional rollercoaster.  She is smart, witty, funny and pretty.  Even if she thinks shes uh average.  Maybe its me that see that but she really is a beautiful person.Ive never stopped loving here or wanting her.  But now my life is different..I have a son and all that so I have to take that into consideration.  Maybe someday but until then I think its best to chill.  My interview will be broadcast (as I said before) on the 28th and 29th of November 2012.  Im  excited but sure it probably wont make my sales go through the roof. I dont mind…Im still hanging tough.   I’ve also connected with alot of other writers, bloggers, authors who are very freakin’ intersting.  I never knew there were so many talented people! So, for today..Im ok, sometimes I need to be reminded I am ok.  Ive also started reading “The Dove” written by Casey Voight.  I wont  comment yet…but so far so  good.  My intuition about Casey was spot on….she has some talent…..

Dave Donahue 2012

Dave Donahue2012


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