Book Update, Blog Update And How Was Your Turkey, Turkey???

So hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, I actually didnt really do mine until today cause I bought it late, then it had to defrost and all that.

Image  So yea, Im lame..  but its cooking now..I finally had the blog I wrote updated on the Tanzania Africa site by Ellie.  I wrote this and its called “A Day In The Life”  Its a blog about living a week with HIV.  I know in my blogs sometimes I may come across abit brash or uncaring or whatever but I guess I see life like what the hell…I aint got nothing to lose.  So there ya go.  I do think way way way more has to be done about Aids discrimination.  Im not talking about the idiot saying “Oh stay away from him, he has uh…you know  Aids”  Fuck him, Im talking about the way the legal   system can bring a person afflicted to their knees financially, emotionally and in all ways that can keep a hopeful person down.  Thats discrimination big time and I have experienced it…big time.  I mean sure I worked and paid taxes and now get disability but Im not ready to go down without a fight.  Not when I see cradle to grave welfare mother collecting food stamps and free housing and whoahh is me money for having three kids from 5 different babies daddy.  Fuckin losers.,  Im sorry for the expression but that irks me, the entitlement attitude and fuck thy neighbor personality.  Thats not me, Ill give you the shirt off my back…if you dont mind wearing an Aids awareness T-shirt.  Anyways Im done there. The book sales for My life a life Story Of  A Man Infected reached the top 20 in the top 100 paid Kindles in its catagory in the UK.  Probly from the blog I wrote…I dont know…Im just a writer, mostly of blogs but I also think my book writing is well interesting to say the least.   Happy Holidays!!a-week-in-the-life/cm7o



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