Book reviews and how do they help?

Ok, so I have been looking at reviews on some books and I can see they either make or break an author on a particular book.  I had one review on my autobiography who said my book was refreshing.  WTF???  Refreshing?  Well he went on to say that I had a refreshing way of writing, I think it meant engaging in that respect so I appreciate the positive review and he did give me 5 stars so maybe he saw something I didnt.  I mean my autobiography to me anyway was anything but refreshing.  Its a tale of trauma, abuse, homelessness and a lifetime of struggle.  I have had some good moments, dont get me wrong, Ive been successful in areas as far as my stint in the good ol Marine Corps and as an electrician, so all was not in vain.  What I do understand that in a world of greed and need and desperation, there is also empathy and understanding.  Not by all by no means.  I understand the need to survive and when a person is on a good roll in life they are hesitant to share their secrets.  Thats ok too and I understand that.  I think through all of my writing I have realized that although I have a severe case of anxiety and stress underneath I am a compassionate, and caring individual.  I am however not perfect.  I had my share of fights in my day, Ive snucked women into my barracks room in Japan and have drank myself to oblivion only to wake up completely fucking hungover and tore up from the feet up.  But I always rebounded.  So when I was hospitalized I was like holy fuck me into tomorrow…this aint right.  But again like a hardy cochroach I came back from the dead.  Maybe I have 9 lives or maybe Im just  very lucky.  I just know Ive cheated death probly more than once.  Maybe thats why I was likeable because I took chances, I experienced life and never took the safe or easy road.  So my book review although I cant say my life has been refreshing was a positive thing for me to see.  My other reviews are equally as positive and introspective from my perspective.  I even had another friend from back in the day say my book was interesting/…lol…Well yea I guess…no shit because for intents and purposes I am an interesting if not completely wacked out guy…


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