What kind of books do you write or read?

So, I figured Id do two blogs today, I dont know why.  why not.  Today I tried to teach my son the whole wax on wax off concept when washing my extremely reliable 2003 Chevy Tracker.  Don’t laugh, at least its paid off.   So when he started the whole thing with me I started to understand what it was all about myself.  Its a process, much like writing or whatever.  As my ol dad used to say (god rest his bones)  “Never half ass anything” or ” If your going to do something, do it right the first time.”  So needless to say the whole wash wax gig with my son brought back memories when I was his age back in 1973 (10).  Then I started to think about writing and books and while originally I just wrote an autobiography because I figured it was all I could write, I eventually went into more unchartered waters.  After my autobiography I wrote a fiction series book which even though I personally think its pretty freaking wacky, it was a good effort.   More recently I figured after all the research I had done on how to publish a book I figured I would write about what I had learned in sort of a how to manual.  I named it “Simple Steps to publish and market your Kindle Book.”  I covered platform, marketing companies, press releases, social networking and some other key tips.  Remarkably this Kindle book reached the number 15 spot in paid Kindle books in the first couple weeks.  So I was like WTF, that was quick.  But maybe some of the shit I had been studying paid off.  Maybe there are some newbies out there like I was a year ago who dont want to get jacked like I almost did by a traditional publisher.  So even though I know that Im a guy living with a crazy illness I can still find things that I can do.  I spent my first couple years after my diagnosis and hospitalization participating in HIV forums..  Seemed like everyone was so god damn focused on the disease.  On the fact that they have so many problems and cant do anything.  So now I look back and realize maybe I have moved on, past that point and focused my attention on things beyond my illness.I still hurt alot,living with Aids is tough especially when you were a tough guy who could handle anything.  Im not…but I do have a passion for things especially when I dive right in with full gusto.  So, what is your passion, if you dont mind me asking?  What kind of books do you like or write?  What motivates you?  What would you do if you got sick and you had to make a new choice, to live or die?  Would you find a new passion or would you give up if you couldnt do what you used to do?  These are choices that were set before me.  It was scary but I chose to live.  By choosing to live I also found a new passion.  So, Imagewhat’s your passion?


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