Marketing, publishing and friending

So, Im not too smart when it comes to the whole friend-ing thing on Facebook and other social media platforms.  I understand how to do it I just dont understand the concept.  I mean what happens and you friend someone and they turn out to be amass murderer.  Im messsing of course but it’s a fleeting thought.  I do know when it comes to my blogs and FB page I usually only friend people who I either know or are interested in books and stuff.  I think its a great way to connect…but…I dont necessarily think its the best way for exposure for your book.  Word of mouth always seems to be the best way of reaching people.  But then book writing and marketing is way more than being a plumber and needing some local connections.  When your marketing a book your trying to connect with hundreds if not thousands of people interested in your scene.  So when I started to write and connect I noticed that I was connecting with hundreds and hundreds of people.  Then when you do something like the authors show your connecting with millions of daily listeners.  I mean that pretty fuckin big.  Even if they dont buy your book, they may remember your name.  Its pretty massive exposure.  Ive been watching or sorry…listening to the Author Show and right now they have a guy named Gary who wrote Jew  In Jail  This book chronicles his time in the New York State penn system.  He spent 6 years in jail and was subjected to discrimination and as he says because he was Jewish. He is an educated man and has worked in media and television venues.  I think the message of his book was that although he did in fact commit the crime (robbery) his time in prison helped him to become a better person….Im normally a skeptic and think yea if ya did it once you will do it again.  Not in Gary’s case though I dont think.  I think a light turned on in his head and he did what he could to turn his life around.  I think by writing the book it helped him realize he was and had gotten to where he was by the events that unfolded in his life.  I dont think he is a bad guy…in fact I think he really did turn the tide for himself.  It got me thinking about my own book, the autobiography and it made me realize that I too wrote my book to help me first and foremost.  If it can help anyone else freaking great.  So the marketing experience for both of us may be the same, as was the reasoning for writing our books.  I am not or have been in prison, maybe my own but not incarcerated.  So, by doing his interview although I wont buy his book(its too long, over 700 pages) Ill remember him from the interview.  I think radio shows are great ways of reaching the masses.  I guess Im one of them because it reached me.  So if you think social media websites and author forums are the only way to reach an audience, try The Authors Show.  Im sure you may be surprised at the results.


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