Books, Blogs, and Bulllshit

So today is a new day, another chance for a new beginning.  So early am I drove myself to the local gym and did the treadmill dance for a couple hours.  I wound up walking 6 miles and I feel a bit better.  I also last night on the advice of a dear friend began to rough draft an outline for a new romance novel…This one is about a young man and girl (late teens) who unfortunately are a victim of a plaugue which wipes out everyone in NYC and the east coast.  The two survivors and some odd other survivors board a plane for the east coast and peril strikes again and the plane crashes in the Mojave desert.  Not good.  Fate would have it these two are the lone survivors of the crash and have to take up refuge in the cold barren desert.  As I go along it will become a love story and then Im not sure what will happen down the road.  Ill write it as more of a survival story where the two fall in love.  Im not sure if they die or one of them dies in the end yet.  We shall see.  So thats my idea….Im always open to suggestions though.  Tomorrow my book interview will be broadcast for two days straight on the Authors Show.  I guess Ill see how that goes.  Its been such a long time in the making …at this point Im pretty hohum about it….I dont like to talk so much about living with this illness, it doesnt suit me well.  I do suffer from some conditions internally like my feet hurt sometimes and my teeth are always bothering me.  I dont know why becuase I looked at them and they are so white now from the recent cleaning…lol….Silly Dave  that means nothing.  What is really going on is beyond my scope of rationale.  Am I dying…yes….am I dead…no.  So I figure since Im dying as we all are as we age I may as well try and have fun with it.  My book My Life a life Story of A Man Infected is selling more on  I think people like the whole audiobook thing.  Seems simpler….Either way its something.  Ive been checking out some other people author sites and getting some good ideas but for now Im laying low..Its tough trying when things tend to hold you back…sometimes its better to lay down and pretend Im on a sandy beach with a Corona in a beach chair watching the surf….Oh to be young again.


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