Interview on Authors Show Today and Tuna sandwiches???

So today is my big broadcast day on the Authors Show.  In case you havent checked out the Authors Show it is for new authors looking to try and get their books some publicity or just to share their books.  The audience from what I hear is pretty widespread.  The host DonMccauley is pretty chill in his interview but then from hearing me in the interview myself…I guess Im a pretty chill dude…….or at least I sound it…lol.  So anyhoos thats that.  If you want to check it out here…    Ive been on a freakin tuna sandwich diet which I have no idea why.  I tried the other diet and am still on it.  Ive been also eating other stuff like pintto beans and green stuff…..But the problem I have is the fact I still have teeth problems which really mess with my head….so Im not sure diet or even the freakin exercise is gonna help.  I just dont want to exercise myself into the ground…..My book, well the new one is going ok but then I have a sick son who is 10 and hes all jacked up with a cold.  So yea again I am just dad.  Its coool cause you aint getting me working at Mcdonalds….no freakin way…..picking up cans would be better than that.  So Im still hanging in there but the writing helps.  So the interview for the Book, My life a life story of a man infected is in the nonfiction section on the Authors Show.  Check it out, it may help you too if your looking at getting exposure for your book. Image Image


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