Update on Book Blog and who knows what else

So today is Friday, almost December and my interview is over and done with.  Ive been working on a new book well a manuscript anyway and figured I may as well give it a shot.  Its is about a young man and woman who survive a plague in New York.  They board a plane headed west to look for any survivors.  The plane crashes killing all but the two.  What unfolds is a love story between this young man and woman as they desperately try to find teir way out of the Mojave Desert where they just crashed.  Im only beginning and I need soooooo much help and ideas but Ill post a little part at the end of this blog.  Im sure this will take me a while..I dont plan on finishing it anytime soon…in fact it could be at least a year in the making.  My health sometimes is a distraction, not that its bad but well…I get distracted or something and Ill like go to the gym or Ill go feed the cat or I dont know…go walk for a mile…Sometimes especially after I got sick I find myself wanting to just sit in a park and look at a lake or birds or whatever.  Even just looking up and watching hawks circle overhead…or bats at night.  Seems like I am lost a bit since my enlightening from my illness but I am sure its made me a more appreciative and more well rounded individual.  For a guy who grew up around Hells Angels and Biker Bars, I dont thin I had much of a chance early on…I just have to look beyond it all….past anything material and into my imagination and thats when I can focus.  Otherwise Im screwed.  Im sure for those of you who follow my blog you get the drift of what Im saying.  Im a surfer at heart and will die that way and its also why I have a fascination with nature, movement, stories and creativity.  Im a complex person, ask anyone who knows me.  But Im also kind hearted and will always go to bat for those who are close to me.  Sometimes now I just need a little help.  Not physically, I can still get around fine and bike ride and rin and swim and even surf.  Im talking about the damage done to my brain from well…the HIV infection which Ive had for 17 years now and the almost fatal case of meningitis that brought me to my knees.  I am a tough soul though and I believe Im still here for a reason so although Im no longer clmbing ladders and wearing a a30 pound tool belt all day I still want to feel useful.  So I really wan to thank those who have supported me in my efforts.  The cool posts on my  FB and Blogs are much appreciate.  So anyhoos…here is an exerpt of the book…ignore the editing and grammar problems please…that will come later.

“Where are we?”  “I don’t know” he replied, looking at the girl.  She was young maybe 17, her lips quivered a bit as she asked the question.  “I think we may be at the edge.”  He replied slowly gazing out onto the horizon. The desert wind blew his long blonde hair up against his face and he brushed it back still gazing off into the distance.  “Where is everyone?” she said, stronger this time thinking the young man was’nt listening.  “I think they are all dead.  I believe its only us I’m afraid.”  He looked over at her then behind him to the wreckage that lay in a smoldering pile.  “Yes.” she said.  “But where are we?  The edge?”  “Yes, I think it’s the edge of the Mojave Desert.  We came from the east, don’t you remember?”  He looked down at the young girl who stood nearly a foot shorter than he.  She was pretty, her long brownish blonde hair wavy and her face a chisled perfection.  He smiled yet winced as he did.  “Oh….are you hurt?” she said looking up at the blonde man.   “I’ll be ok, I’m sure I’ll heal.”  The two looked back at all that remained of the 747 Boing.  “I think we are all that’s left.  I wonder if anyone survived on the West Coast.  The girl thought a moment, about the trip and why they had left New York City.  It had been a plaugue, a deadly virus that had struck quickly. Like cyanide it had dessimated the entire population of New York quickly.  There had been no survivors, only the two of them standing and the people on board the airplane.  She kept looking up at him.  “Maybe we are all that’s left.  what should we do.”  “I don’t know” he replied slowly again and licked a drop of blood from his lips.   “I think we need to at least find a shelter or make something….no?”  “Yes. definitely.” she said.  “It may get cold tonight.”  The man again looked off onto the horizon wondering.  Is there any life left anywhere?


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