Alternative Lifestyle Books?

Ok, so I like writing about just about anything.  Mostly stuff like murder mysteries but I also like the whole romance thing too.  I am I guess I romantic at heart.  Ive had my share of experiences enough to know what is on peoples minds alot of the times.  So I was having a discussion with someone I know and she said maybe you should try and write like one of those erotica books.  Whoah I was thinking , no freakin way, that’s out of my character.  Or was it?  I mean sure I was positive I could put something to words that may be a short erotic story but for reals?  So I kinda went along and did the best I could and wrote one.  It was short maybe 2000 to 3000 words but after I reread it and everything and she did, I put it up on Kindle.  I know what your thinking and so am I.  Is he selling out.  No, I dont think so, I think its just an experiment to see if I can do it. Well, go figure in the first couple hours it jumped to 68,000 in the rankings.  Im sure it may have only sold a couple but thats usually all it takes to make your sales jump.  But then I was wondering, who the fuck is buying this stuff?  I know I don’t.  I would think it’s a waste of money.  But obviously someone thought it was interesting of erotic enough to buy it.  Lol…Excuse me for laughing, I just think it’s bizzare but not unrealistic.  I named it Chance Encounters not by looking at other names but I just thought it up.  Then I see there are tons of books called Chance Encounters but not all in the erotica section on Kindle.  So, I dont know it is what it is, I just thought that was weird and interesting.  Call it diving into the general psych of human behavior.   Like going into the dark side a little which in my early years I spent alot of time in.  Dark bars, underground clubs as a youth and meetups with women who I barely knew in my 30s.  I never said I was an angel and of course I got bit more than once.  But now, I refrain from all of that, I no longer live it, so well, why not write about it.  I dont know but I gave it a shot.  Ive been hearing from some friends and others who are maybe a bit taken back by my enthusiasm for writing.  seems it’s mostly women I knew in the past find it to be a bit intriquing because I was always the guy either working or looking for work.  Then I thought maybe from the illness and recovering  and then redefining myself I learned something about me I never knew was there.  A side that was not the work hard play hard type but sensitive and thoughtful and well interesting.  I never  thought of it that way.  Either way I thought it was an unusual thing to do but it was actually kind of fun.  The names are purely fictional in it, they were just names that helped me visualize…Image


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