Laptops,desktops and writing platforms

So, when I originally started this whole writing deal I began w riting on a desktop but soon found out it was much to slow if I wanted to use the same machine to upload stuff on my computer.  I didnt undertand something and that was your amount of memory needed to do things.  So I eventually had to get a laptop with 4GB of Ram to do what I needed to do.  I also found that laptops can be a pain too..especially if your child decides to randomly throw a toy car and hit the screen of your thing.  So thats what happened to me and I found myself scrambling to get it fixed.  Once at the store I was told…well…you might as well just replace it.  Go fuck a duck.   So thats what I have found out and now I have a teeny tiny space in my house where I do my writing, away from the flying objects and other random misshaps which seem to happen around here daily.  Yesterday I was reading a book someone sent me and it was all about marketing and publishing on Kindle.  There were some good points.  I found that using search friendly keywords in your title are very important as well as the tags (7) that they allow you to use when building your book.  So, I did this and experimented with my uh…erotica book.  Originally I had named the book A Chance Encounter.  Well noone is going to be searching for that but needless to say the book did sell a few copies.  So, I changed the name to A Tale Of Erotic Romance. So, then this morning I see that I sold more copies of this book then all of my books sold in the last month put together….in one day.  I was thinking uh…ok  maybe I was on to something here.  Either people are all  looking for books on sex or the keywords I used had a huge impact on what I was doing  I think it was the keywords  quite honestly.  Impressive to say the least.  So, maybe that can help someone…I dont know…..I got a mini ebook from Don Mccauley from the authors show and he was saying or his ebook said that marketing is everything if your looking to sell, a great book can make zero sales if not marketed and tagged correctly and a shit book can go on to sell millions with a simple formula.  Dont comlicate things is what I got out of it.  So, yea my experiement with the erotic book thing worked.  It showed me that yes, sex sells…lol and if marketed correctly or even just tagged right, you can make some serious money.   I think for me though it makes me feel cheap, like yea Ive had enough crazy romps to be able to write what goes on in the bedroom and maybe even make some think its a descent read, but is it appropriate?  I don;t know…thats the question I am asking myself.  I think for me…probably not but I learned something from the endeavor. 


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