Books Blogs and Hurling!

So, yesterday I worked out at the local gym and walked for 7 miles on the treadmill, close to it anyways.  Today I woke up feeling nauseaus and as I popped my daily pills of Truvada, Norvir,Reyataz , two horse fish oil pills and a small echinecia pill I felt the wave of nausea come over me and I couldnt take it anymore.  I threw up.  Not just throw up but that gut wrentching uncontrollable wretching you get when you have drank too much and your hurling beyond anything left in your stomach.  Dry heaves…yuck..yuck yuck!…So thats what hapenned to me…and it made me tired and exhausted.  So, thats what living with HIV can be like.  The pills are disgusting.  They make your teeth brittle and your mind go Kooo.koo.  So maybe I am crazy now…I dont know…I just know HIv sucks….big time.  On a lighter note in the news today, I did manage to write some more of my erotica writings on the advice of a couple people who said they liked what i had produced.  They are both women so go figure, maybe it was just becuase they wanted a daily update of Dave’s Penthouse forum….Fuck I don’t know.  I think it’s funny I really do.  That a book about sex that I wrote in a matter of hours can surpass sales of books that took me months and months and hundreds of hours to write.  It astonishing the way the human mind actually works.. So, I was thinking, what a great idea to go to a mall or a public place and ask people what kind of books do they like.  Im sure I probably wouldnt be surprised.  So yea…thats my take….may seem cheap but it is what it is.  I think its really amazing….this life and the opportunities that present themselves when there are no other options.  I guess all you have to do is open your eyes.  Im reading Casey Voights book as I can and when I have the time.  It really is wonderfully written even though Im not into that type of book per say.  Im more of a horror or murder mystery fan.  Nevertheless she paints a colorful picture in her writings.  It’s very easy to visualize what is going on in the book.  That’s a gift I hear.  Some writers have it, some don’t. Casey does.  So anyhoos as the days move forward and I try to keep from hurling on my HIV meds I’ll focus on what I can do and not what I cant.  Until next time folks……


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