A Poem About Something

I wrote this poem earlier this year.  I think its an interesting poem, like it kinda makes you think.  Well,  it makes me thing and then wonder how many people there in fact are that see their life this way.  Today when driving my son to school, I noticed the cars moving so quick on the freeway and Im like sheesh ‘Im just another one of them flying down the road.  The reality is I don’t want to anymore, I hung up my hat long ago…said no thanks g away.  But it seems that the pressures of life will pull you back into the machine.  So, this is a poem Ill submit to Megaphone Society.  It’s well a weird poem I thought up, but if you really look to see what it’s message is I think it makes sense.  Dave

Days of gray
By Dave H Donahue

Days of gray when the sun is shining
I look outside and see light blinding’
It’s been this way for a few years now,
My eyes feel sore from pushing the plow’
Working so hard my hands are worn’
From working in fields, my overalls torn
I think to the days when all was new’
My youth is gone my excitement few’
What happened to me and my days of fun
When I was a child and played neath the sun’?
Im getting older, they say that’s what it is’
You cant go back your starting to fizz’
But its not over yet I want to say
I have more to do and more to play’
Its time to go, give me your hand’
You did your job, now it’s the promised land.


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