Random Thoughts About Writing

When I was a kid I always used to avoid cracks in the sidewalks because I thought that maybe if I hit one I would have real bad luck.  Then when I was a teenager me and my brother would write our names on stuff like pier railings and then date it.  I always liked to read the things on the sidewalks where someone would write a date and a name in the cement before it dried.  Then as I grew up I started taking chances realizing nothing happens unless you take a chance.  So I took many chances.  I once drove a car off a cliff in my hometown in San Diego Calif and then at the last minute jumped out.  It was night and me and a few friends were in on it.  It was a 1961 Mercury Meteor Station wagon and it had died on a surf trip at the cliffs.  So later that night we rolled it off with me steering it towards the edge of the cliff. I know stoopid but it happened.  Then I went in the Marines again starting to take more chances.  I figured why not, see if I can make it.  And I did for 6 years.  Then again I went back in the Navy as a Seafox Delivery boat maintenance seaman.  If that wasnt enough I then went back to school and spent 4 years as an apprentice working 40 hr weeks in the field as a commercial electrical apprentice.  I then worked another 10 years as an electrician.  Then…..I got sick at 43 and it all went kaboom!..Lost the house, alot of my heath and my desire to live.  So, then about 4 years ago I decided fuck this Im gonna write and I started writing.  Its not exactly what  I would call my calling in life but its been another interesting ride.  So now I write mostly for fun…I realize that publishing is a big racket and alot of people are doing it.  Amazon is flooded with new books, and Im sure it wont stop anytime soon.  So, even though I learned the marketing side a bit Im still not doing it to really make a big buck.  Its not feasible.  Its much wiser to write because you actually give a shit about what your doing and not because your looking to get rich.  I figure I paid my dues to society as far as taxes goes…I worked 30 years almost to the day when I stopped.  But I was still only 45….so at 49 now Im like ok  God either take me away or give me something worthwhile to do besides wax my car or watch stupid Utube videos.  Or The View.   I need to stay engaged, maybe I was taught that as a young Marine to always be alert  and ready.  So, Im always alert and ready even if I did get kinda sick.  But the ironic thing is now…today after all Ive been through in life, bar fights, suicides in the family, abuse and a life of careless abandon I think I am actually healthier now then Ive ever been.  II dont drink or do any drugs, I eat healthy and I appreciate what I have left.  Im not rich but Im alive so there.  I had my share of crazy nights with women I could not for the life of me remember their names and they mine Im sure.  But it was an experience, all of it.  Just like writing is for me now.  I may move on from it someday, maybe Ill take up archery or bungee jumping who freakin knows.  One thing I do know is when I do go out it wont be me laying down, it will be me doing something that Ive always done….taking chances!


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