Poetry Writing And Healing

Ive always like poetry.  I like to read things that rhyme.  I also always liked stories like Jack And The Beanstock.  So, when I started writing I also started writing poetry. Most of them come off the top of my head.  I remember in High School learning that there were actually different types of poems.  I really didnt care about the whole of 8 line poems are called this and yadayada.  I saw poetry as a form of expression and in some cases reflection.  I never really cared for the scientific formula for what makes a poem or not.  I  think for me personally it’s a form of expression, thats it.  So today I thought up this poem real quick, I don’t know where some of these things come from but usually they take about 15 minutes to think and write up.  If I stop and mull over things then I lose my train of thought and I quit.  So, yea usually they are just quick brainstorms that I conjure up.  I think this poem is a pretty good way of looking at relationships in my eyes anyways.  I dont  think you can base a solid relationship on money, looks, possessions or any of that crap. I think true love means there are no limitations, Not if you do this or when you do this Ill love you.  I think its just you either love or you dont .  You cant love a


Awareness Ribbon

car…it just doesn’t work, yet I hear people say oh yea I love my car.  I mean cmon get real ya idiot.  Im sure its just like I like my care alot.  My point of this poem is what I believe true love really is….like no…stipulations.
Love Me Now And Love Me Then

“Do you love me?”  “Yes, I love you so much.”
“Will you love me beyond what you touch?”
“Yes, I will love you forever, please don’t say that.”
“When Im old and shrivelled, will you love me then.”
“Yes, I’ll love you when your old and shrivelled and cant bend.”
“Will you love me when I can’t help myself any longer?”
“Yes, Ill love you then when you need someone stronger.”
“Why do you love me, what have I done to deserve you.”
“I love you not for what you have but because you are true.”
“So, you’ll love me not matter what happens in life?”
“Yes, I’ll love you no matter what,I am your wife.”
“I love you too, for all that you do and what you say.”
“When Im healthy or sick and when I can no longer play.”
“That’s why I love you, because your love has no end.”
“Your unselfish and giving and my closest friend.


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