Writers Groups and Help Sites

Ive been looking at different writers help sites.  Like the sites that help you with your writing, grammar, punctuation,etc.  They call them  workshops.  A writers workshop.   I saw some at the Writers Digest and some look pretty good.  The cost is not too bad but I wonder how much they actually help.  I mean it’s easy to get a grammar checker and even a program that can help you with all different aspects of writing.  When I started writing I totally sucked bug time.  I mean I didn’t even know that the period goes before quotation marks.  So, I would write like this. “Will you please pass me the Grey Poupon”?   It should be “Will you please pass me the Grey Poupon?”  I mean it looks like a simple mistake but for a critique who actually knows what a sentence should be constructed properly looks like, Im sure this is a red flag.   So, I worked on that.  It was tough because well, I never really wrote alot.  Now I write alot.  So I was thinking maybe I should check one of those things out…Maybe it could help you too.  I mean it is a different animal no doubt…When I was in electrical school all of my notes were scribbles…like ok the theory of Ohms law works like this.. Then the load calculations for lighting a 80,000 square foot building works like this..bla bla bla.  In the end when I graduated I had a 3.6 GPA and out of 4 yrs of school classes missed one day.  I mean I was dedicated. But in the end even when I graduated  after 4 years of 40 hour work weeks and 2 1/2 hour a night school I found that work had slowed to  crawl.  It simply dried up.  So Im not stoopid, not at all, in fact my better half saysI am smart, like very smart…lol….Im not sure maybe I was at one time but now after all Ive been through and the meningitis I think Ive burned up a shitload of brain cells.  So, maybe writing is all I have left or want to do..I dont know….I do know that its helped me recover a bit…So I wonder if other authors have ever been through a course, like a creative writing course which BTW I did take back in the mid 90s at a local community college.  It was fun but not over the top in quality.  In other words Im sure the teacher would rather be somewhere else…like polishing off that bottle of brandy in his booze cabinet.  Just sayin.’  So now that I like to write I think maybe a class would be cool, maybe even a tutor.  A nice looking tutor for me would be nicer but then….I would probly get distracted.   Either way I would hope that if I do pay for a class that is supposed to help me become a better writer, it would in fact help me.  Im working on my own website, I want one that is good, not some prefabbed scene that is totally bogus.  So I have someone who is helping me…..I know I cant do it….Peace 


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