Problems with Publishing

Big Eyes

Big eyes

So, Ive been reading alot of posts and what I see alot is that it’s so hard to actually get people to stop and actually read your book, blog,article,, whatever.  It’s probably the number one barrier when it comes to publishing a book.  You dont want to spam people because, well thats freakin rude.   Then you end up building a website but nobody comes.  So then you get frustrated and wonder  why your trying so hard.  In my little experiment I wrote about earlier (my erotic book endeavor) I found that people were flocking to the book.   And they were buying it too.  I thought that was really wierd but not surprising.  My autobiography didnt fare as well.  So my conclusion was, people like to read stuff that either entertains them or helps them.   So, then I wrote a couple books on publishing and marketing and those books started selling as well.  They were short simple Kindle books but I put a ton of info in them. So it was interesting for me to see what sells   So, maybe your book isnt getting the traffic you would like because there isnt enough of a targeted audience.  Makes sense to me.  I mean you could have  a great book but nobody will buy it if they arent looking for it.  Kinda disheartening but well its reality.  Life is tough no matter what you do.  The problem Ive been told is simple.  Theres too many freakin people.  lol…Never thought of it that way but then if a criminal is savvy enough to be able to make fake credit cards or divers licenses, etc, then Id say in anything in life your gonna have some competition.  Simple.  Now if you have a god given talent like say an Olympic swimmer or a marathoner than with practice and training you may easily find yourself way ahead of the pack.  Unfortunately most of us are average intelligence and average in sports. So maybe thats some food for thought.  I dont know.  I mean its competitive out there no doubt.  I do believe that if you do something with passion you can excell regardless of your capabilities.  So, thats my take on stuff.  This morning I went to the store, its a huge grocery chain out here in NC.  So I walk in and Im looking at the eyes on me.  Its an old lady at the counter who has these glasses on , you know the type that makes someones eyes look huge, like flying saucers.  And then another younger guy who acts like he’s on something…like hes all in your face when your trying to check out at the self serve kiosk.  Im like whoahhh…..its a bit early for those eyes and that panic tweaky attitude when Im trying to by a fuckin orange and some decaf coffee.  This time I went all out and bought Starbucks decaf, but just the bag of it.  Im not paying 3 bucks for a coffee at Starbucks when I can get the same stuff that will make 20 cups for 8 bucks.  I dont know this life is weird.  I was thinking about maybe going to the store and hanging outside with a sign that said  “Please donate, I have a chronic illness.”  I would make it on a piece of cardboard with dfferent cool looking colors.  The problem is Im sure I would get some weird looks or like yea right dude, aint nothin wrong with you….lol…So, yea…thats my take on stuff today.  Its Saturday whatever that means.  I guess there will be no murders, robberies, beatings or anything lousy.  Yea right.  Throw me a bone….   PS, for the record, thats not me in the picture….thank god.


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