Happy Sunday To All

So, anyways I know alot of people go to church.  I used to, in fact I was an altar boy as a kid back in the 70s.  I remember drinking the wine and eating so many of those little round host thingamiigigs that I threw up.  I like the way they stuck on the roof of my mouth…lol  So now ….no I dont go to church…I should but I would never keep going…Its just the way I am…I do like working out on Sunday though and I usually hit the gym for a couple hours.  I got some copies of my book The Sunshine Murders and I like the way it came out.  I a have been writing for people on Fiveer.com but it gets overwhelming.  I have a good reputation and am a level two  but some of the request are like Omg….no…Last night I  had someone want me to write an article on a guy who was a presidential politician and and is some big wig.  I was like oh..I really dont want to do this.  But I did and its done now.  I like to write about interesting stuff, like how to make a new freakin fruity shake that good for you. Or maybe an article on surfing or whatever.  But a bio on a politician?  Uh no thanks.  The only reason I did it was because the guy practically begged me to when I said you can just cancel  I guess the politician guy is a part of their political  group.  So, yea thats the deal with me…I really want to start or continue on writing my Romance book but something is always coming up.  I have been reading more of Casey Voights book. She writes very well, I wonder if she has taken writing courses or workshops…hmmmm…Ive also been following Brandie Maes Bug book on Bugaloo.  Shes another talented writer who is very interesting to say the least.   My writing is well, getting better.  I mean if I keep writing blogs maybe I’ll actually become a writer…lol  jk,  So, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest but I have a 10 yr old with a cold again, the dishes need to be loaded and laundry done and the bed made and yadayadayada….I bought a new Flash drive….I think those are great to get your documents saved……I spent 25 bucks for mine and I guess it holds like 2000 pictures..thats alot of freaking pictures .  It also hold video files and some other stuff..  I think its a pretty cool deal even though it looks kinda pansy…its all small and is purple and white and has a cute little hole for your keys..sheesh…technology.  I have been contacted by some people who wanted me to do a radio show Im sure so they can get publicity but I dont know…I think one was enough for now.  My sales report today reflected that I sold a few of my Simple Steps To Publish And Market Your Kindle Book.  It and my erotic book topped the list on sales for the week on Amazon.  Go figure, I guess I need to work on my marketing for my other books or I dont know.  Maybe just start writing markImageeting and erotic books..Maybe thats where its at. My problem with erotic books is I can paint a very vivid and visual picture of an erotic story but….I feel cheap, like someone who is writing porn books for Kindle…..so yea I think Ill quit for now, unless I get pushed into writing more.   I do like to paint still and have a collection of watercolor and acrylic paintings on or all places Etsy.  I think its a cool place to sell though and some of the people produce some amazing work. So anyhoos, my hats off to Casey and Larissa for working so hard to make The Megaphone Society  success.  I think they need a suggestion box and maybe some better exposure for the site.  I’ll be thinking of that one…there has to be a way to get it more exposure.   Ok, my hands tired now….Happy Sunday To All….Image


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