New Book And Where To Go?

So, Ive been scrambling my brain thinking of how to move forward in my romance book.  Ive got a few chapters finished but it is such a daunting task, especially when other things take over.  Ive found that working out pretty much comes first on my list and then when I do start writing something seems to come up.  Ive kinda resorted myself to thinking, I can only do so much.   Ive been thinking back to the days when I used to meet my brother for fishing trips out in San Diego and sometimes I get sad, I that was some fun shit.  One time in particular when I had a big truck and a cool older 1961 old ski boat.  This thing was pretty cool.  So, Im backing the boat in the water, my brother is driving my truck and he gets all panicked trying to get the thing in the water and starts burning up the clutch.  Im standing there going…”No!  Stop man!”  He looks at me kinda like all pissed off like wtf your my little brother, dont talk to me like that…lol…needless to say we took it out and then when we got back we went and drank like 24 beers and got all fucked up in my place in San Diego. That was kinda how I lived in my old life.  Ive always attracted people who would be like….hey Whats going on man….lets pound some beers.   Then when I got sick I was like hey Im done…..fucken buzzkill muther fucker….lol  Im sure thats what they thought..  But for now Im a bit more focused if not alot more damaged.  I feel like Ive kinda crossed over, to the other side/  So  yea my book endeavor….well its moving slowly, ever so slowly…creeping along and I think it is going to be good, maybe not successful but it will be another thing  that I will say…yea I did it.  I feel sorry for the couple, 2 young people wrecked in the Mojave desert trying to make their way back to the West coast after a plaugue wiped out New York City. So, as I sit here and ponder I can here the milling around going on in the house as my son gets ready for school. Seems that in life, that old saying becomes more and more apparent.  Life is what happens when your making other plans.  Thats weird but its true.  So I guess I would think that for most, its the daily, have to get to this job, have to get the kids to school, oh whoahh is me…life is so hard….why cant things go my way…Ive been there and for all intents and purposes I still am…I find that writing and keeping a journal helps regardless of whether your writing a book, working a dead end job or going to school.  So maybe thats what this blog is…a daily journal for all to see.  My crazy life and me….Image


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