Book Update

Ok, so I have some ideas about my book.   I hit a roadblock but since the story has already been started I think I have alot to go on.  I originally figured I would write it like the two just go on a survival trip but now I think Im going to change this and write  this more of a drama romance thriller type.  I think it may work..the couple are caught in a trap, a ploy concocted by the government to control population.  The two find out about the plot and maybe find themselves a themselves caught up in the trap and are being hunted down by government assassins.  The only people who survived are people who agreed to conform to the new governmental rules are were branded or  have a chip inserted in them  The two who fall in love are caught up in trying to survive and evade the new order.  Im not  sure, something like that.  i guess it would be like a Sci fi deal but Ill go with it..I think it may work.  It will certainly force me to do some serious brain work but maybe thats good for me.. My other situations are somewhat calm on the homefront  but I dont know…it would be much easier to just go to the bar and chill or get on a plane and go back home and surf but for now I think Ill just keep moving forward with the book.  Ive finished 3 chapters about 5000 words so far.  when I get writing and am on a roll I can usually finish a chapter in one day.  So wish me luck as I scramble my brain and embark on a journey that I will try and succeed at.  Oh  thanks to Mental Notes for the ideas, youv’e opened up a new can of worms!.. Dave


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