Counting down {In Pictures}

So, does this mean no more mortgage payments, car payments? I can hardly wait….but Ill miss my Christmas present…oh well…

Piloting Paper Airplanes

Jonathan and Larissa

Monday’s workout: 2.5 mile run, 25:01 min. | 200 squats | 2:00 front plank, 1:00 each side

On December 1st, we started the Mayan Photo Challenge.

In case you’ve lived under a rock for the last few months, the Mayan calendar predicted that the December solstice is equivalent to the end of the world. Now, I know all the reasons why that conclusion is wrong, but for the sake of world peace, let’s all agree that life will end on December 21st.

Here are my photos from the last 10 days of the challenge. You can still join us on Instagram and Twitter by using #MayanPhotoChallenge!

Also, today is December 11, which means we have been married for 4 whole months! And yes, I intend to exercise the newlywed’s prerogative of celebrating on the 11th of every month until our anniversary. 🙂

* You can click on an individual image to…

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