Marketing Books, Do They Sell?

So, I was looking at marketing books online and I have to admit there are a ton of them.  Books on marketing your own book seemed to be rampant too.  So I did managed to get enough info to write my own books on publishing and marketing.  I didnt fill it up with useless nonsense to use up space.  I figured I would just write some common sense stuff that I had learned over the last couple years. So I wound up writing 4 books for Kindle called Simple Steps To Publish and Market your Kindle Books.  I really did put alot of useful info in them but I figured they probably wouldnt sell.  Suprisingly they did sell but it seemed that books two and three sold the most and Book two has gotten a 5 star rating so far.  The only problem is these books probably wont have any longevity.  I have a book from the 90s that has a mess of info in it on marketing but now its outdated.  Sure, some of the techniques probably work but for the most part, its old stuff.   I have a hard time understanding the whole buyer mindset. Thats a tough one.  Some people will impulse but and I noticed weekends are when sales jump.  Other times I see my rating go way up and then slowly drop back down. Im not sure what Im doing wrong there.  But for now all is calm.  Ive been looking at the news lately and one of the top stories out here is a family who lived in a rural area.  The father was out of work and struggling bit time.  So, he goes out in the woods and starts hunting for food. The wildlife ranger gives him a ticket for 250 bucks but then after learning of the situation I guess he tore up the ticket.  So, a flood of people upon hearing the story rally and help him out by giving a bunch of presents for his daughter for Christmas.  He also got a job at Walmart.  The incident occured actually a year ago but they were rebroadcasting or something on the story.  It really made me wonder how in a country that is supposed to be the country in the world how come we are so fucked up?  I think its becuase deep down inside we only care about ourselves. So when we take and take sometimes god takes away leaving many without.  I think you can only recieve by giving.  I have little to give anymore but maybe these blogs.  My life has been tough for the past 5 years.   There are no Christmas lights, no presents for my 10 year old, in fact really its still just survival.  my disability barely covers any bills.  So, that is the way it is. In the past things were different.  So, I wont be doing anything special.  No tree, nothing.  Sad but its my reality now.  A person living with a chronic illness can only deal for so long and then they fold.  I may have folded a long time ago but Im not ready to raise the white flag and stand on the freeway yet. I1 Close but not yet…


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