Selling Your Book

So, Ive been writing my new book, just not so quickly.  Ive been writing about 4000 words a day, so maybe a Chapter.  But, Im still having a hard time maintaining focus.  The phone rings or something comes up.  So, Ive been struggling there and with the holiday dealyo coming around, I really dont feel like doing shit.  But I did manage to start a new blog. This blog is about advertising your book, product or idea.  I named it “My Marketing Experiment.”  So, we will see how it fares.  The idea is to post your blog or product or whatever and Ill reblog it.  Hopefully it will be successful.  I guess we shall see what we shall see.  My health is doing ok, but I still stress alot and sometimes am like ahhh why bother. Ive had such positive feedback from my postings that I figure someone either thinks Im wacky as hell or just want to read something funny.  Either way its been fun. I like the new idea for my new book so Im trying to implement that in my writing.  I think  its cool.  I hope everyone who follows my blog has a safe holiday season.  Please remember to not drink and drive.  I cant tell you how many people I know who have ruined their lives through one stupid alcohol induced endeavor.  I know its that time of the year when people get all fucked up and hammered and whooo freakin hoo.  The problem is it only takes one time or one mistake to watch eveything crash down. So, thats my take on that.  I stopped pounding beers seven years ago but then my immune system is fucked so I cant do it anyway.  So,thats my take on the whole drinking gig.  I think that for people who are trying to promote a book or a product I think Fiveer is great.  You can post an ad for a banner or whatever.  Like have someone take a picture of a banner with a link to your book. You can also have someone post a video of your book press release.  I think it is worth a shot.  So, I hope everyone is doing well.  For a guy living with a chronic illness, some days are better than others no doubt.  If I get real down I pick up my trusty guitar and strum a cool riff or listen to uh…Christian rock music, even though Im not really Christian.  I just like the music.Image


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