Another DayTo Change

So, I can see that today its been raining overnight. I usually dont like rain.  But lately Ive been like Ok its alright, rain never hurt anyone.   This morning I went to the gym I always go to and I saw someone who struggles with the after effects of ecephalitis.    Sorry about the spelling,please forgive me. It seems that alot of the symptoms that he experiences are the same as mine.  Mostly cognitive stuff.  So we talk about junk we are going through.  Hes a good guy, just well, maybe troubled a bit like me.  I mean in today’s day and age who isnt? Ive also been buying bags and bags of fruit.   You know the ones they have in the store that are already packaged.  So then what I do is I blend them all together in my little blender and make a shake out of them..My health and awareness seem to be getting better.  Knock on wood.  Ive become more outgoing and talk with people who I see are positive.  i stay away from shady fuckers who I know are probly selling drugs or whatever.  Ain’t got not time for that shit.  I think if they tried to push it on me or try and infringe on my life with their bullshit I would knock them the fuck out.  Tha’ts one thing I learned early on in life, is to fight. I surprised myself a few times when someone would push me over the edge and pull that Irish temper out of me.  I am like a lamb but I get fucked with I turn into a lion.  But, now that Im a bit older and wiser I don’t put myself in those situations at all.  So, nobody really fucks with me.  My weight has been going down a bit and I can actually see my stomach muscles. Wow, never thought that would happen again.  All the working out in a sweatshirt for 2-3 hours a day for the last year and a half is paying off for me.  But, I have a long way to go.  back when I was younger I was told anyway that I was well…   I never saw that in myself.   I was just a guy that surfed like a fucken maniac and liked to take chances.  Now that Ive gotten older and gravity set in a, little I have to be careful.  So, yea..thats my deal, work out and then write or play guitar or mess with the cat.  Ive been contemplating looking for a job but I don’t want to work an 8 hr job which is all I see and end up worse off than I am.  As it stands now I make uh….well more than that and don’t have to go to the J.O.B.  I done did that..too many years.  So that’s that.  I have found that my writing is becoming easier for me to do.  My typing is quicker and my mind is becoming sharper.  I’m still pretty excited about Casey Voights road to success.  It makes me happy to see someone succeed when they try so hard.  I know she did too, its obvious in her work.  I think she is appreciative and not like one of those snob fucks that I cant stand. Real people produce real results, so that’s my take on Casey and her efforts.  Ok, I’ll stop with her for a while and let her relish in her moments. It’s all  Hannukah around here and I got a new watch for my present.  My son got a new paint ball game for his Nintendo or Wii or one of those.  He has both I just have a hard time figuring out which is which. Either way  I think its all good.  I wrote alot yesterday on my new book, so today I may edit a little but Im not sure, maybe Ill just chill.  My brother who works for the DEA in San Diego is going to retire soon.  He’s 51, a couple years older than me and retired from the Airforce after 15 years when he was 34. He took the early retirement which I think may have been 3/4 pay of full retirement.  Then he was hired by the DEA because in the Airforce he worked with the first Bush president as a White House Communications technician.  So yea…he’s a pretty on the ball dude.  He’s got my back….so he says….lol.  when he saw me all fucked up in the hospital he was pretty floored and he told me later that he really thought his little brother wa a goner. Then I pulled through and now when I talk to him…he says…man…your one tough muther fucker.  He said all the shit you went through and we went thorough as kids you stood your ground and kept kickin.  So, he says..dude you done did what you needed to do so just hang out.  So, when I wrote the autobiography he was like wow, and they had you written off for dead or like brainfucked or whatever for life.  I like to think that god or some higher power has allowed me to live and thrive, I don’t think its anything else, maybe my stubborness but I thank whoever it is for giving me a second chance.  DaveImage


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