Another Great Day For A Great Author!

So, today Ive been writing most the day on my rough draft for my romance book.  Today I managed to write a chapter and a half and as hard is it is for me to concentrate sometimes, I really did well today. I also have gotten alot of visitors to my blog and I thank you guys so much.  Many of my blogs are filled with a bit of dry humour, sometimes sarcastic but always well meaning.  It’s my nature I guess, must be the Irish and the former Marine in me.  Go figure.  But, enough about me, today I see that Casy Voight, the author of a new book entitled “The Dove” finally got her shipment of books.  This has been a long much anticipated event for her and Im so happy for her.  She has helped me as I have stumbled through my own feet trying to understand my own publishing venture and the daunting task of marketing.  When I first saw Casey’s blog I saw a gorgeous young lady, but then when I started reading about her, I realized that this was one extremely talented individual.  Not only does she write exceptionally, she also is an amazing artist.  This girl’s got game…no doubt about it.  So eventually I got to know her a bit and found that she is just like the rest of us, excited about her venture and the future outcome.  So, now, the fruits of her labor are beginning to show.  Nothing great happens overnight but because of her diligence and passion for writing, things are beginning to happen for her.  So, I think this is the beginning of some great new surprises for Casey.  The first box has been opened and Im sure there will be many more.  Congrats to Casey Voight, author of “The Dove!”


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