Book update and WTF

So Im looking at this wacky news stuff and I see there are more wackjobs coming out of the wordwork  I just dont get it.  I mean its one thing to be down and out or pissed off cause some asshole cut you off in traffic or whatever. But to go balistic is just rediculous.  I mean is it possible the water could be doing this? Nah I doubt it, I think people may see the events that have occured as a go ahead to go postal.  Jeez…that sucks.  But not surprising.   I mean at the gym today I was thinking for a brief moment what the fuck would I do if some random started shooting in the gym.. Only for a moment though.  I highly doubt it would happen there especially cause its so cheap and as wacky as some of  my friends are there I dont think any of them have the low morals and ethics to go down that road no matter how poor or whatever they are.  I did get a nice comment today,, someone said, wow your legs are freakin muscular.  lol…I didnt notice myself but I think the treadmill for the past 18 months is to thank.  I try and do an incline but in all honesty wasnt focused on legs.  Mostly on my shoulders arms and chest.  But I need the cardio stuff too so I do some jogging as well.  I did notice Im in much better shape than a year ago.  I have met alot of cool people there too.  On the book front, well Im lost right now.  Im managed to work on the chapters I have finished but not a whole lot.  My brain just isnt doing it right now.  The Sunshine Murders is being narrated again and has two more chapters or series to it.  So, it is going to be a bit longer than expected.  The hard part is down, now I should just chill out if I could ever figure out how to.  I never watched The Shooter with Mark Walburg until last night.  Wow that was a crazy cool movie….He sure came along way since the early 90s with his Funky Bunch crew.  I remember back then  I was late 20s and they were def some crazy times. The whole pulling his pants down in a live performance was well…kinda cheesy I think…I dont know…sex sell I guess….Anyway….on to another week, hopefully a safe one… Be well…Dave


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