Ok, so this is a random stupid post  that really has nothing to do with writing or books.  This is about QVC and The HSN and some other odds and weird ends going on. Today I went to the gym and came back and see that my son and wife are already gone for the day.  So the gym was the usual nightmare grueling workout  I realized something when I was working out on the treadmill.  I was watching a lady work out on the treadmill on TV and I noticed she has the thing set  on incline and she would use long strides.  I think the inline was set at 7 so its a decent hill.  Its supposed to work your ass uh..butt muscles.  So I start working out like the lady and I noticed wow, that really works except my ass and back of my legs are sore now.  Weird but it works.  I noticed QVC and HSN are going balistic trying to sell their shit.   Holy shit.  I mean they got some serious hawkers on there.  These people are good.  I always imagine how probably when they are on a break or something between live airs they probably bitch, yell at their co host or pick their boogars are whatever.  I mean talk about phony balony bullshit.  Sorry to all those home shopping fans.  It just seems so weird to me.  I have a confession to make.  back when I was a Marine I got turned on to chewing tobacco.  I have no idea why.  Its a nasty habit and I quit.  I remember back in the day when I got out of the Marines and went to a buddys house in San Diego.  I said, here man “Try this shit.”  It was Copenhagen chewing tobacco. So, he looks at it and sees me stick the shit in and he thinks ah why not.  So he puts it in his mouth and hes like hmmmm…yea…taste good.  So then he says “Here give me some more.   So I laugh and he crams more of the shit in his mouth.  So, Im watching him for a few minutes and all of a sudden he starts turning real red… Im like hey dude…you ok.”  Hes looking at me all weird and this shit is hanging out of his mouth and he nods his head like “Im cool man.”   Then like 30 seconds later hes still red and all of a sudden he hurls all over the ground.  I was rollin.   but now when I think back I think, sheesh we were introduced to tobacco back in the late 70s.  Not good.  So, I don’t now that’s pretty weird.  So, I dont know…I think Im getting old or older and just aint into all that stuff.  My better half says I have a great life, i dont know…im not inSan Diego, Im in NC.  So, Im lonely I guess.  I dont fit in too well….Im a surfer in a town of political correctness.  Today also I look up and see a helicopter over head its like a mile away.  So I flip on the news and sure enough an officer has been shots .  Im not sure what happening to people these days….I guess Im glad I already lived when times were simple.  so, hopefully the cop will be ok.  OK, thats my rant and random recollections for the day.  here is an excerpt from my new romance book about a couple who survived the plague and are in the desert trying to survive.  This is about 3000 words into the book, so Chapter three.  Never mind the editing and formatting, punctuation…blablabla…Ill get to it…just not till Im done…;0Image


     “Mark, do you hear that?”   Mark awoke suddenly.  “Huh…No…What is it Desiree?”  She held her fingr to her lips.  “Shhhhhh….I don’t know….outside the tent.”  He listened intently and soon heard what she had. A scratching noise just outside their shelter.  “Sounds..like scratching.”  he whispered.  She nodded  looking over at him.    “Yes….like a scratching just outside. ” “Yea…”  Mark looked at his watch.  3:30 am.  They had been asleep for hours, since eight oclock.    “I’m  going to look.”  Desiree reached for his arm as he got up on his knees.  “Be careful Mark.”  He smiled and looked around for the can opener they had found earlier.  Holding it up he gave her a wry smile.  “Protection.”  Smiling nervously Desiree whispered back.  “Be careful!”  Mark opened up the make shift tent door and peered.  There was a snarl, and a howl.  Arrrghhh!!!!     “Mark?!”  Desiree screamed.  She covered further in the tent.  The snarling became louder followed by grunts and a groan.  “Mark!   What is it!?”  She screamed again.  “Mark!”  There was silence. Nothing.  “Mark?  Where are you?” Talk to me…Mark?”   There was silence for a good 2 minutes.  Finally she heard a gasp and then…”I’m…I’m ok Desiree.  I’m alright.”  Come out, help me.”  “Are you hurt?” She crept towards the front if the tent.  “yes, I think I may be hurt Desiree.  Please come here.”  She opened up the tent.   Mark lay on the ground chest upwards and breathing heavily.  “Im not sure, it happened so fast.  I think it was a hyena. It attacked me.”  He rolled over and Desiree could see blood on Marks face, illuminated by the moon. “It happened so quick.” he murmured, reaching towards his face with a hand.  “I think it bit me bad Desiree, I don’t know how bad.”  Desiree looked at him in the dim light. His face was scratched bad.  “We need to wash you off, did it get you anywhere else?”  Mark shook his head and gingerly sat up. “I think just my face.  Maybe it just scratched me.”  He touched his fingers to his cheek and winced.  “Damn, I can’t win Desiree!”  He looked around him for the hyena.  Nothing.  He sat upright and felt the ground for the can opener. “I tried to stab it with this.” he said as he held up the opener.  He laughed nervously.  “Didn’t work.”  “Did you see where it went?”  she asked.  “No, it took off when I kicked at it. I don’t know Desiree, it happened so fast like I said.”  She looked at him and felt herself melt.  She could feel she was falling for him, deeply.  “Please don’t do that to me again Mark.  That scared me so much.”  “I know, and I’m sorry Desiree. I just wanted to protect us.”  She eaned in and kissed his face, and tasted the blood which was beginning to dry.  “Oh Mark, how will we make it, how will we survive all of this? “I don’t know girl, I just know we will.”  She kissed him gently and he gave a half smile to her.  “Don’t worry, this morning we will head west we are looking for.”  She nodded and winked at him.  “Yes, we will be fine, I know we will.”


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