Treadmilled To Death

So today Im tread milling and reading my book The Sunshine Murders.  I thought it was actually  not too bad.  I mean for a first time author it could of been alot worse.  I sold a few offline which was cool.  But Im still a broke dude living in a strange land.  So, I think the disabiity deal is going to follow me around for a while.  I think Im treadmilling myself to death, I really do.  I dont understand the obsession. I mean Im turning into a workout freak.  So I was thinking hmmmm how could I make some more money without killing myself.  So, I look at one of those sites where you can be a performer.  Im thinking hey..Im in good shape still…I can even flex my pecs now from all my working out.  Hey Ive never really been able to do that.  So Im looking at this site and I apply thinking I could be a performer for women or something. Aliens who check the site…who knows.  So I submit my stuff.  a few pictures and everything and whaddya know they say we are looking for a few people and think you would be perfect.  Im thinking wow thats crazy ass shit.  So, Im all excited and thinking wow I can get a job entertaining …cool. Dont laugh, I would do it too…Im not shy and I think it would be another adventure.  So anyways…Im reading this thing and they say yea you would be great then I see its for a gay site  I would be performing for men. lol….uh…sheesh…uh… aint gonna do that.  Too weird I think.  Im all for openess and all but I cant go there…not on video.  So, there goes that option unless of course I want it.  But no I think Ill just keep writing for now..Ill remain a starving author.  lol..Its ok it could be worse.  I could of sold out as a gay performer for a cheesy web cam business.  So with that said I guess I just ponder my next chapter in my book.Image


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