Dental Woes Oh Woe Is Me

Ok, so today I went to the dentist.  I have to go to a specialist, not just a regular dentist.  They deal with people with chronic illnesses or supressed immune systems.  So its actually in the hospital, the same hospital I almost died in in 2005.  The ironic thing is when I got out of the hospital I actually began working there as a fire alarm technician.  Ironic huh,  I remember my boss liked to hang out with me alot and would always offer me a smoke unknowing that I had been so fucked up just a year before in the very same place.  Very freakin weird, especially to know I had to be hush about it.  So anyways Im at the dentist in this same hospital today(UNC Chapel Hill).  So the dentist guy comes up and says one of my teeth needs a root canal and then he looks at closer and decides hmmmmm no thats not gonna work.  He said the tooth was too weak and the only way to fix it is to actually give me a fake tooth.  So he wants to take the whole tooth out and then give me a partial which will also cover 2 other teeth he thinks may need fixing.  So the cost is about 4 grand but for me the Ryan White program will pay 3500 of it and I just have to come up with 500 bucks.  I think thats great especially if they can fix it all.  I mean my teeth actually look really good but since I have a problem with the whole saliva gland well its not good for your teeth.  So thats depressing. But the good news is it can be fixed.  I was stoked about that.  Today as I was driving there (about 20 miles) it started kinda raining a little but my little Chevy SUV has been so dependable for the past 7 years.  I love driving it when I do have to drive just because it has been my one thing I could really depend on.  I know its just a car but but it has done a great job.  I drive like an old man now I guess, like I dont take chances, dont talk or text on the phone and dont even really use my GPS>  I really dont go anywhere…lol..But today I felt like just driving and keep driving…..and see where the little thing would take me.  But it stopped at the dental clinic so there ya go.  I like riding my bike alot too when its sunny.  I have 2 mountain bikes which are really cool and one is a really heavy duty mountain bike.  The only other thing I really have are two guitars which I love to play.   Theres something about music when you can actually hear something with your own ears that your creating.  I think its cool.  My dad was a professional piano player when he was alive.  He was into the whole jazz thing back in the 70s so I remember him and his band having jam sessions at the house we grew up in.  Those were days Ill never forget, as rough as my childhood was there were bright moments in all the darkness. So, yea…Ill stop on that…it depresses me to think about it..  Well…thats it, Im out of words for the day.  Seems like the closer that time of year comes…we tend to get quiet, maybe its called reflection….Dave


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