New Poem

So, this poem is how I see (hopefully not) what will eventually happen to me.  Yes I do take HIV meds and I do take them religiously but I am also a realist.  The virus is tricky and can do some strange things to a person.  In some cases it can happen quick, others slower.  But since i have been living with this for almost 20 years I take nothing for granted.  anyhoos, heres a poem I wrote…dont know how I came up with it but I did….

Its Not Over Yet

So, how are you doing, its been a while?
Yes, doc it has, i lost a tooth and my beautiful smile.
Oh, Im sorry to hear that but it cant be that bad
lets just see here I have your labs
Looks like your counts are looking not so well
In fact they dropped considerably I can tell
Oh no doc dont tell me that, what do they say?
I says your health has been failing up till today
Last year you were well but its looking not fine
Have you been eating and taking your meds on time?
Yes doc I have I dont understand this
Is there something there you may have missed?
Im afraid not, your counts are below the threshold
And its going to take some effort so you dont fold
It may work or not becuase you were already sick
Im afraid that clock may be starting to tick
But its not over yet doc, say it isnt true!
I dont know what to say to you but your not through
Id say a year maybe two you have left to live
So, its enough time for you to give
Your love to your family and friends that you know
And kiss that son of yours you’ve kept in tow.
But doc, isnt there anything we can do?
Im afraid not but hope and go home to those who love you.Image


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