Saturday Almost Christmas

So, today  went to the store looking for a new set of earphones for my ipod.  Its actually an MP3 I guess…its a Samsumg YP Q2 whatever that means.  I took my son who is always looking for an adventure.  So we head up the street and I see a storm drain.  I dont normally play pranks on my son but sometimes I cant help myself.  So he knows about Pennywise from the movies, you know..the clown?  I think it scared the shit out of him when he saw it.  So we walk up and I stop at the drain thing just standing there.  He looks at me and then sees the water drain thing that goes down underground and his eyes get al big.  He says lets get out of here dad. So..I think that really freaked him out thinking maybe Pennywise would come crawling out of the drain.   Had to do it.  So anyways we get to the store and its completely packed with people buying all kinds of shit.  I dont understand the whole shop till you drop concept.  Do people buy so they can feel better about themselves or do they buy becuase they really want to make someone happy with a new present.  My better half said on my birthday she is going to do something huge.  I said what buy me a bungee jump thing or maybe a skydive session?  I said hey what I would really like to do its get in my little SUV at the grand canyon and floor it on the top and get to 100 mph and fly off the canyon and then have a parachute attatched to the top of my SUV and then I would just float down.  I think that would be way cool.  If I dont make it well..then I dont make it.  Either way I think it would be fun.  Shopping for crap doesnt really do it for me, Im an adrenaline junky,  I need movement, I need to feelalive…a new toy doesnt do it. So, thats my take on that.  My new book, the romance book is getting longer by the day.  I think it may come out pretty well.   Its more of an adventure romance book.  Its not so one sided so Its actually fun writing it.   The pain in my foot becomes overwhelming sometimes, I dont know what it is.  Im told its not neuropathy but I need to get it checked out soon.   Thats the one thing about iiving with HIV I hate, sometimes everything is fine then all of a sudden something will start hurting.  Im told its no big deal, probably stress or from the accident I had a few years ago while unloading a spool of electrical wire from a truck.  I also take these pills for saliva, they are supposed to help with my dry mouth.  So that sucks too.  Oh well whatcha gonna do.  I bought a new speaker for my laptop or whatever I need it for.  Its a Nascar speaker…lol…I now funny but Im a fan so whatever.  I have decided that I probably will never again enter the workforce.  Not because I dont want to but because it wouldnt be in my best interest.  I see the economy is so messed up and people are struggling everywhere.  Im lucky Ive paid my car off and it still runs good and only has a little over 100,000 on it.  So thats a good thing.  I have no desire to buy a new one at this point anyway..  My sales on audible and amazon are pretty stagnant.  I dont see alot happening there.  I think its one of those things.  Too many new published books and too much competition.  I do think Ill keep writing just because I like to but def not for the money.  I get ads in my face all the time from companies trying to sell me a press release package.  They say that of the 10,000 books published each day the authors well, 90 percent of them will see less than 500 dollars in sales in their lifetime from their published book.  Thats disheartenting but probably true.  So, yea its a tough racket no doubt.  But never say never, not till the fat lady sings anyways.  I hope everyone is staying safe and not overindulging the way I used to.  Moderation in everything is the key to survival and happiness in my book.  So with that said, Im signing off for now. Dave


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