New excerpt from book in progress.

So, Im posting twice today.  I have been working feverishly, well maybe not that but I have been busy on my new book.  I’m still trying to figure out the title.  I’m thinking Love Me Till We Die might be fitting.  The book is a romance/adventure/survival book about a couple who survive a plague and a airline crash and end up in the desert.  The plague was setup by the government to curb over population. So the entire east coast was destroyed by the plague and the survivors end up on a airliner and head west with 100 or so other survivors.  The plane crashes in the Mojave desert and the two survivors Mark and Desiree end up treking west to find civilization and water and food.  They wind up at a Army installation in the desert and are detained and told to switch to Army clothes and given food and water.  The Army knows of the plague and are basically a military outpost watching to make sure noone goes east or west.  The White House employees, president and staffers have all been evacuated to the west coast in an undetermined location.  The New Order states that those who survive or are allowed to survive must conform.   So, this is an excerpt from the new book.  Desiree and Mark have already hooked up and are basically depending on each other to survive up until this point in the book.  So anyhoos here it is. 

     “Come with me please.”  He stood up from his desk and motioned the two to follow him.  “I’ll get you some clothes.  You need to fit in.  I dont want others to catch on to whats going on.”  He stopped for a moment and talked in a hush voice.  “This thing…that happened, it’s not your fault not at all.  We just need to cover our bases is all.  I feel bad, I really do.  But this New Order has been planned for years. We are all just scapegoats, pawns  I guess you could say.  Ever since the bombings ten years ago, this has been in the making.  Its not your fault though.  The only problem I see is some of these people here take it very seriously and so should you.”  They nodded.  “I understand sir.  We do.  We wont say anything at all.”  The officer nodded back and led them out the tent.  Outside the sun was blinding.    “We can go to this tent here.”  He pointed to another tent.  It was big, enough to house alot of people. He walked in and looked around.  “Jim!  Hey, I need some new clothes, cami’s if you got em.  We also may need some new boots.  Gotem? ”  “Sure do sir, I’ll get right on it.”  “Size maam.”  “What do you have?” Desiree asked.  The soldier laughed.  “Well we have three sizes, small, medium and large.  He laughed again.  “Your a medium….I can tell.   And you,”  he looked at Mark.  “large all the way.”  He took out two sets of camouflage uniforms and set them before the two.   “There you go you two.  If you want to change just follow to the back of the tent, to the right.  Desiree looked at Mark.  “We’ll,” she said looking down at her new set of clothes.  “you think these will help?”  “Oh yea, they will, keep the sun off anyways.  Mark started to walk back to the rear of the tent.  “Oh, and you two when you get changed, I’ll be waiting.  There’s a few things we need to go over ok?”  The officer in charge looked at them, eyebrows raised.  “Uh…yes sir, we will as soon as we change.”  Mark walked into the dressing area and stepped behind the curtain.  Desirre stood outside, surveyingthe inside of the tent.  Something seems weird she thought.  A setup?  Maybe, maybe not.  Too early to tell she guessed.  “Mark, do you think they will keep us here?”  she asked quietly as not to alert the other soldiers in the tent.  “Hold on Desiree, Im trying to put this thing on.”  She waited for minutes then Mark stepped out.  “Well, how’s this?”  he asked spreading his arms out so Desiree could see his new duds.  “Well…uhmmm…you look like a soldier….with uh…long hair.”  She laughed and held up her new clothes as if to say, Im next.  She went in and changed quickly.  She could hear Mark outside talking with the officer in charge.  Something is weird she thought.  I’m sure this is a setup. She finished changing and stepped out of the changing area into the main area of the tent.  “We need to talk.”  the officer said quickly, looking at Desiree.  “Oh…ok, well Im not sure what all of this is about sir.  I know what we are up against but we are free to leave if we want aren’t we?”  Desiree spoke without hesitation.  The officer again raised his eyebrows. “Well, young lady, thats what we need to discuss as I was telling your friend here.  We don’t want to call attention to you two.  This is a tight nit group we have and since this is so new, to all of us, you have to understand some of the soldiers are a bit nervous.  None of us really now for sure what is going on, all we know is that yes, there has been a major catastrophe on the east coast.  You two are really the only ones who know the devastation,  Everyone else has died.   The President, the Pentagon employees and the White house has all been evacuated.  Theres really noone left back there.  All high level security workers and everyone who held any position of authority have all been moved to the west coast.  I do not know where they are.  We are here for one purpose.  To secure the area and let no one in or out.   So, this brings me to our dilemma.  We cannot allow you to leave east or west.  To be honest I think it may do you well to stay here.  Im afraid there may not be much to look forward to if you do go west.  Most people who have conformed to the New Order are behind their own doors and you will probably find no help there.  Life as you and I and all of us has changed.  We must adapt or we will more than likely perish.  Does this make sense?”  Desiree stared at the officer and then at Mark.  “Jeeez, not much of a choice huh?”  The officer nodded and Mark just looked at the ground.  “Hmmm, yes…well I understand….”  Desiree started but the officer quickly interupted.  “Listen young lady put it this way.  Look at us here as your protectors, nothing else.  We are here to help you and ourselves.  If you can understand that we will all benefit.  There are no chains on you, but…I have to add, it would be in  your best interest if you stay put…for now.” 


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