Sunday Time To Chill

Well, today I see my book sales reports which are well, not the best but thats ok. Im not really thinking about it much anymore.  I can see what sparks alot of interest in people.  Its stuff, especially this time of year.  So, I see that many are taking off for the holidays.  Its time to put on those lights when your away.  I use a motion sensor but you can also use timers.  That way it wont eat up too much power.  I used to install alot of motion sensors and they really are pretty easy to install.  Can do wonders to protect what you have or in my case what little I have left.  Ive been checking out some other blogs and I have to admit theres some pretty interesting reads out there.  Interesting people as well.  So, I learned something about blogging. Its nice to reblog!  So if someone checks out your page or follows you or likes a post, do them a favor and reblog or like their page.  It may pay off for you in the end and you may actually see something really cool.  Im amazed at some of the stuff out there, some people have some serious talent!.  So, thats my take on that.  Ill be writing more on my new book in the next week.  I know Im not a great author in fact my writing needs lots of help.  I see it as a way of helping me recover some of my cognitive skills lost from meningitis.  Last night I talked with a girl I used to have a crush on in High School.  She was one of those types that guys think is untouchable.  So, yea, I probably should of asked her out back in the day but never did.  Gorgeous girl.  Now she just says, you should of asked me out back then.  Yea Im an idiot.  So Im wanting to take another trip.  Maybe to San Diego again to surf…..I just like being in the water more than not.  I have been watching my money a little closer lately and investing in some stocks.  Not that anything will happen becuase the economy blows but I noticed that  some Mexican bank stocks are doing well.  Go figure.  Out here and everywhere Im sure, seemed like alot of people have been bailing on their mortgages.  Here in particular Bank of America gave loans to many immigrants who worked construction.  So around 06 things were ok, there was alot of work so many of them took out loans from BofA and then when the work dropped off they packed it up and went back to Mexico or Honduras.  Shame on you Bank Of America!  So, being in construction many of them knew what was valuable in the home and how to take out ceiling fans, sinks, smoke detectors…you name it.  So once they bail the house is basically a shell.  The bank is left holding the note and these guys could care less.  Many of them dont even want to be here anyway.  The Mexican economy is looking better to them now anyways.  I just know from word of mouth and being a tradesman myself I used to hear their stories.  Funny shit but it sucks for the economy.  No wonder so many have said fuck it..So anyway….thats my take, the world is still tough and people will keep doing what they need to do. 


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