Looking For A New Place

So, Im looking for a new place to write.   Im thinking of maybe a rental space where I can set up an office area and just drive there and write.  My house is too much like romper room.  I have a better half who doesnt seem to understand the importance of my writing which is sad.  Too many of her own things going on, plus friends come over then their kids and yadayada.  So Im thinking I need some me space.  I dont care, Ill pay for it but its so hard to concentrate with kids running around and people talking about this that and the other when Im busy.  So yea Ill be looking for a place for me to find that I can find a bit of piece and quiet.  Tell me thats not asking too much.  For me dealng with a chronic illness I need to find a place that I can focus and do the best I can with my efforts.  Its not happening here.  So thats the deal with me.  Ill be making some changes pretty quick.  My Sunshine Murder book has some additions now.  Its now going to have 5 series to it not just three.  I think it will be better especially on the Audible version.   Other than that Im just dealing, Struggling but dealing..  Im talked with some cool authors lately and have gotten some  people who have talked with me about my marketing efforts but the homefront is well….very strange.  Ive pretty much detached myself from it all because it is the only way I can cope and focus.  Its hard to be serious when two women are in the kitchen talking about their kids and the best menstraul (sp) cycle protection to use.  No offense but I need a little more interesting topics to keep me engaged and enthusiastic.  The book thing has been fun for me but has also put some strain on our life.  I think that  one side of the relationship sees things one way and the other sees things differently. So as soon as I found something that was  fun for me the other side said oh wait, your supposed to be comfortable numb.  That’s not me.  If youve read any of my post in the past you will know that I need to have some kind of excitement or something that keeps me interested.  Now 10 years ago tings were different.  i would work and then come home and sometimes we would go to the bar or see a movie or whatever.  But since I got sick and recovered somewhat I realized that I want more than that.  Especially since I don’t know how long my health will last.  Some may see is as selfish, I see it as the key to my survival or not. So thats where I am at. Maybe Ive just grown a little or maybe I just got fed up of the bullshit, I don’t know.  All I know is what I see as normal and what I see as BS.  So, writing has helped me to tune out the BS and focus on something a bit more positive.  Some may say I should go see a shrink but Ive already done that.  That helped only so much.  I got suggestions to go volunteer at some place which I did but my health wouldn’t allow me to keep at it.  Sure I can exercise and am still relatively strong but 30 years of doing manual labor for others took atoll on me.  I just wish people could see that, but they didn’t.  Like before I am sure Im seen as a guy who can lift this or build that or whatever.  I was just never seen as someone with a brain.  So, now I see it as my time to express myself.  So, I think finding an office area for myself may help me accomplish that.  Either that or plan two which would be pack it up and just head west and hang out on the beach which would get old no doubt.  Im in a situation no doubt. But Ive tried there’s no question in my mind.  I just dont really know what to do at this point….


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