Writing and the Lessons Ive learned

So, lately Ive been learning alot about my writing skills or lack thereof.  I am told I have a great style but it all needs some work.   Im not a professional writer, in fact I really just started writing becuase it helped me with some cognitive issues due to my bout of meningtis.  So I wasnt really expecting much.  At first I just wrote blogs, then niche articles for money, then on the advice of my  doctor I began a journal.  The journal was supposed to be a way of tracking my health progress both physically and mentally..  So I wrote a journal.  I ook it to him and he said ok great,  And I was like ok great what?  Now what?  What do I do now? He didnt really have an answer except to tell me Im doing great physically and to keep taking my meds and whoo hooo your gonna fuckin live for ever.  I was thinking uh…yea…..ok, thats great but my life is a fucking mess. So then I started writing from day one of my life up till my hospitalization with the illness.  So I wrote and wrote and wrote.  I wrote about the abuse I suffered from a wicked stepmother, the beatings and verbal abuse and all the horseshit I endured.  I wrote about surfing and how it was my escape from the insane asylum I lived in.  I wrote about my dads suicide when I was seventeen and how I was kicked out of the house two weeks after he died with no where to go.  Then my time in the Marines, a failed marraige, friends who went down the toilet, and all the other shit I went through.  So, in the end I had a journal I guess.  So someone said hey you should publish that thing and thats what happened.  But something else happened to me in the process.  I began to like the whole writing thing and I liked the stories that came out of writing.  So thats when it really began for me,  But it was therapy too, something a shrink couldnt do for me.  I mean I felt trappped like I had to do something.  So since that time Ive become more organized.  I try and write a bit more consistent and try and pay attention even if I have a 10 yr old standing next to me saying “Im bored”.  So, my life gets spit up pretty much.  On minute Im wearing a fuckin apron in the kitchen (jk) but close and the next Im being dad.  But hey Im still alive so fuck it..Ive met some cool authors like Casey Voight and Tanja Pleva and a few others who have helped me to see my mistakes. So I grateful there.  Ive also started on another book but again I need so much help its not even funny,  It would be easier to say awww screw it and watch movies all day but it isnt my nature.   So thats the deal with me.  I dont drink anymore so I cant waste time doing that staring at something thinking well, If I look at it long enough it will fix itself. If it aint broken, dont fuck with it,  I bought Casey’s book The Dove on Kindle and still reading when I have the chance.  Yesterday I got something from her, and what a cool thing it was.  A print picture of an indian girl  signed and a nice postcard inside the envelope.  So, thanks Casey, you are indeed a class act all the way!  So, thats it for me as I continue  to stumble through my writing and publishing adventures. My exercise routine has been put on hold till after the first.  Ive gotten to where I want be physically for now.  I think Ive lost the 15 pounds my doctor wanted me to.  So thats a good thing.  Its getting colder outside so its not really motivating me to trek it to the gym.  So theres another reason Im slacking.  Im doing some more changes on The Sunshine Murders, paragraphing and editing so its still a work in progress.  The Audible version is much better still because Luke Smith  did such a great job.  So to everyone who has helped and supported me on my journey I hope you all are having a great holiday and are happy and healthy.  Thats it for now….I have a ten year old who needs attending to.  Runny nose…sheesh.   DaveImage


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